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At first glance, the Tarot cards appear to be very complicated to discern, and unfortunately only few books are which raised the subject of the tarot plain way. Students of the tarot with excessive wealth of information overload: Numerology, astrology, symbology, psychology and more. They appear to forget a very important fact: that the Tarot cards were formerly designed in times when most of the people who used them not illustrated. Most of this training was transferred from city to city at the foot of the letter following the oral beliefs of Rome. The meanings of the cards of the tarot, in substance, are not more than promoters of the sagacity of the person who receives the reading.

Some of most outstanding letters of the tarot readers ignore science certain mystical and historical complexity, and above all the symbolism of the Tarot cards. Simply get carried away by the instinct so taking the overlooked meanings of the tarot deck, and this was what was sought in antiquity. So a good method to start the attention, study and reading the Tarot cards would be learning both sides: through everyday meanings of the Tarot cards and organizing them with the spiritual meanings of the Tarot cards. And this will be achieved only with a neat of each one of the variants of letters, review though as with everything, the interesting thing is to begin with the basics. There are 78 cards of the tarot are divided into 2 main groups: 22 letters depend on the major Arcana and 56 cards, which in turn of they subdivided into 4 sticks, are those concerning the minor Arcana. At the very moment of the reading of the Tarot cards, the major Arcana prevails to the minor. There will be those from before are inclined in make use only of the major Arcana and begin to better perceive the Tarot cards until you reach the point that allows them to use the remainder of the deck once you are ready.

The Tarot cards will be adopted in a way that will accept them to manifest itself to the right or vice versa. This will change its meaning. Although, apparently, for some of the seers, feeling and meaning contained in the Tarot cards is part of a stock of images that are positive and negative in any way, making the cards upside down to integrate very little to what already by itself alone the letters say. Jesus Leal. TarotGitano. com tarotgitano09@gmail. com Blogs related the Tarot cards: nine golds Horoscope 2010, horoscope Tarot Online cards Videos Humor Videos Chistosos the online tarot cards Tarot online Tarot spread virtual Roma Vs Udinese Live Stream Online & Highlights Italian series a. EL CARRO on the death Tarot cards in the Tarot cards Roma v Udinese Free Bets Live Stream Bet in play Major symbols in Tarot cards online Tarot of love: the key cards Watch Roma v Udinese live stream online Breaking Global News

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