The Soil

Also, cacti are also reproduced by cuttings. Cut a branch of the copy, let it heal and stand them in the substrate. It is important to bear in mind that cacti much better support the lack of water that the excess of this. Too high humidity will make die changing quickly. Intersect ENT has firm opinions on the matter. Instead, its deficiency can be resolved, since we perceive symptoms gradually: a too-dry land, or that the cactus acquires a yellowish tone. In addition, it is preferable to provide a good amount of water once in a while that very little daily.

We water only when the soil has dried completely. The water will miss it in the substrate, and avoid wetting the copy. It is appropriate to add fertilizer to ensure good development; It will vary depending on the species. Cacti are not free of disease and pests. The best way to combat them is prevention. To prevent fungi, he fumigated a couple of times a year; If the mushrooms have already acted, due to excessive humidity, we perceive it in its appearance, since it will be coated with a white lint. To remedy this, we will withdraw it from its current location and place it in a well ventilated, as well as add a specific product.

Scale insects are also detrimental to our succulent; will know it where to appear brownish lumps; a home remedy is, after scraping them, apply a solution prepared with a liter of water and soft soap and diluted denatured alcohol. Aphids and red spider are also enemies of cacti. To remove them, use liquid soap and water in the first case and a specific product in the second.

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