The Path

Don’t let it! You must stop him! Begin to detect if you can reach an agreement with your partner and stop the violence, you must apply techniques of agreement…step by step, without cease, in the beginning at the first symptoms, hence begin to apply the advice and in time you will know if the agreement heals the relationship, or if followed by recidivism is considered a break. begins first with these steps, just submit a discussion or unfair approach on your part: you must calm, quiets your mind, achieves the balance as much as you can. Take a deep breath, it inspires, it retains the air a few seconds, slowly expires. Repeated several times until you loose your distress subsides, your heart again beating Take it easy. You can do it. practice. It reframes the situation. For example get questions why such a thing – you say? do you could understand what this need? do not do – so that such if we fix it this way..? Ask opinion.

do you propose to do?, do you would do if you were in my place..? e.g. If you were like me and you need help have gone to that group therapy? If reject their views (in a subtle way…), hotlink for trying to establish an arrangement something fairer for both. EJ. do you think should I not go? does that tell me this if you know that I need it, you could do something for you too..? The question is do everything possible to reach an agreement fair to both, for the family, carried each other along the path of agreement, intelligently, quiet, to cause the other to change his attitude dandose account of what makes. Put in practice these steps, and, along with others that we saw in different articles, will be able to overcome the emotional violence acting from the beginning. Do not forget, he is and don’t stop. Visit: Original author and source of the article

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