The Man

Coitado of us, human beings, we are born with a debt and we have that to pay them, in elapsing of our existence, here in the Land. We live with the fear of how much our punishment will be this. It is not to toa that the fear is a constant in the life of the people. Fear, fear, fear! The people under such effect behave inside of the norms. They are fit in society, because they feel fear of the social and/or divine punishment and not because he is right, is fraterno, is human. They imagine if suddenly the people started to find that she does not have punishment. USC brings even more insight to the discussion. This form is preoccupying to educate, where the people are good, because they find that they are being observed.

What he will be of the world in the day that the people to lose these fears? According to autogerenciamento, our evolution cannot be based on a punitive education, therefore we will continue to create each time more fragile people, psychologically incapable to judge and to be responsible for its same acts and itself, seeing in the autopunio (autoflagelao) a tool of purificao and evolution. She will be that she stops becoming in them better; we will have that maltreating in them? What such to change our education? For the autogerenciamento, it is not problem of Gods, if the current man cultivates the evil, through a punitive education social and religious who enhance the evil in the hope to conquer the good. We have that to prevent the evil so that the good blossoms and not, only, to cultivate the good in itself exactly. The fact of the society (of the authoritarianism) and of the religion (perfeccionismo) not to know or not to want to interact with the differences determines that the words of order are to total reeducar or to suppress the ones that do not follow its dogmas, desvirtuando the concept of the man regarding itself, the life and the Universe, transforming it into a being submisso. .

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