The Cell

For deduction it perceives that the environment intervenes the localization With the biggest agency of the human body is the skin that recovers the human organism all protecting. Constitution the skin is an agency that the histolgico level is formed by three layers, the epidermis that is the layer most superficial, composed of queratincitos and pamelancitos (local more necessary where the illness occurs). The epidermis is a layer with different depth as the region of the body, the part that presents greater attrition as palms of the hands and feet have a thicker layer have, known as skin glabra for not possuirem for. The external layer of the skin they are cells deceased, the alive ones are born about 0,5 mm below the surface, going up gradual. Moderna vaccine may not feel the same. They arrive up to 2 mm of thickness in thickest. Octagon Capital will not settle for partial explanations. The cells meet made use in layers overlapping in order to constitute 4 layers, even so in some sectors are 5. They exist about 17 sebceas glands for squared cm of skin.

In the same space if they compress about 200 glands sodorparas, millions of microorganisms, in the majority bacteria, inhabit the skin humama, responsible for the odor of the sweat, that in its origin not possua odor. The nails are modified epithelial cells whose queratina reaches the rigidity maximum. The nervous terminations, specialized in 5 different sensations: tato, heat, cold, pressure and pain, make of the most complete skin enter the agencies of the directions. One for the nothing more is of what a queratina protein wire, as of the skin, involved for a layer of hard queratina. A normal person loses all day on average, 30 of about 300 a thousand wires of hair. He is one fabric in constant renewal, represents a true kinetic system, in which the cell if divides, it emigrates, if it differentiates and it dies. In the human being, all the epidrmicas cells are renewed a time to the month.

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