I roll, for example, himself described as "childish." Although, frankly – quite tasty. Staff: Sometimes podtuplivaet, but it is rather from ignorance of the subtleties of Asian cuisines. But in general good. Retail Price: Chuuuchut above average. You can always just sit with a beer or a couple glasses of wine for 2000 rubles for two. Summary: I like it there. Japanese cuisine is, of course, is not their hobby, but it's there! "Tokyo," we reached one of the oldest and, quite honestly, one of my favorite sushi bars in Chelyabinsk.

I even vskidku not tell you how old I am I visit this place, but it is stable! This word is perhaps the key Kitchen: The feeling that the chef and they do not change already for five years. This, of course, unlikely, but always as "the last time." The only disadvantage of the kitchen, with whom I tirelessly fighting has all this time – Soy Sauce! Well, on what garbage you found it and use? Well, change is already, he was finally on the same "Keykoman" at least! I'm already there, and sugar and ginger Why such tricks? Staff: calm and friendly. Tupit extremely rare. Price list: One of the cheapest establishments in its segment. It is clear that the economies of scale portions, but at least the price for it is adequate. And, incidentally, the only sushi bar in town where I can eat normally night! This is a big plus. Another noteworthy 'Itsu' with their 'sushi robot'.

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