Student Competition

toobrain school and student competition starts a good education is the key to a professional perspective, but to seldom talk to teachers and students of the same language – the worlds are too far apart. Under a school-and student competition are invited to create video posts that take up lessons on the subject of “Everything moves” teachers and students, bright and succinctly explain, so learning for students to make more attractive and to achieve, there where school often neglected. Terms and conditions: the contest begins at the beginning of the new school year 2008/2009. The video contributions should consult with moving subjects, such as history political events, the the world beweg(t)en, horizontal throw or cell division in biology etc. Here are no limits of creativity. The creation of video contributions by students of in grades 7-13 of all secondary general and vocational schools and can – but not – with the support of a teacher required. The Video posts can instantly, should at the latest to be uploaded as of 30 November 2008.

A brainy assessment of contributions is carried out in December. The evaluation and contacting the winners will take place in January. Prizes: Winners will receive laptops as unit prices. Attractive prizes for the runners up. In addition, the school with the most common and best rated contributions will receive a prize. The awards ceremony takes place with “n-21” on the upcoming DIDACTA 2009 in Hannover.

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