A cup of coffee in the majority of smokers is associated with a cigarette – good coffee, a good cigarette, what else is needed, to catch its breath in our crazy everyday race. I'm not talking about sex. … Remembered. Many writers such as The Cleveland Clinic offer more in-depth analysis. You can continue very long, but we have not set the task to enumerate all the existing stereotypes of people supporting the habit smoking – it's basically impossible, and unnecessary. But you need to identify the stereotypes that support your habit of working against you, like the saboteurs. Why saboteurs like? It's very simple.

As I have said all the stereotypes of support you have the habit to smoke for you a positive charge, in your mind they are painted in the colors of your positive emotions and therefore do not cause rejection and anxiety, and in fact destroy your health, steal your time, that is carried out sabotage and subversion in your body, rather strongly support the habit, which does all of the above. The University of Chicago does not necessarily agree. Identified? Very well. But I think that you are still waiting for surprises. I mean, what's wrong with the move to recall all of it is hardly possible, and therefore be careful and you'll discover IN ITSELF IS NUMBER stereotypes that, in fact, control you, that you involuntarily think about it, at least about the relativity of their own freedom. Now what do with all that? You remember how to form your stereotype that pushed, you to the first puff. Identified the "spies" – stereotypes support that have been against the habit.

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