St Tropez

The ring and maybe even an application fit perfectly into the ambience of the countless occupied ladischen Renaissance building in the entire region, but especially in the city of love: Venice. Paris from 111 euro not only in the streets of Paris, There is romance in the air in the environment. For example, a walk through the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. Motto: hide behind rose bushes play or closely entwined stroll around, much like the former Court society. From 111 euro who along passes the beauty of the Mediterranean nice nice seaside Cannes to St Tropez admired. By the same author: Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The beloved partner sits with in the holiday car the intense colors which Cafe au go taste lait better and can drive will be not long enough to pronounce every loving thought out loud.

Munich starting from 119 euro who is overwhelmed by the size of his feelings can make a declaration of love to the highest peak of in Germany the loved ones. From Munich reaching the Zugspitze with holiday car in a short journey time, the anticipation of the exciting moment can be ideal to accompany in the car with matching love songs. All price examples are valid for bookings from 9 to 15 February 2009 – arrival date is between February 9 and June 30, 2009, because the love is there Yes to celebrate the day of Valentin. The minimum rental period is 3 days. Booking information: All car hire deals from holiday cars are in the travel office, telephone number 0180 5 17 91 91 (14 cents / min.) or to book at. About holiday cars: holiday cars, a subsidiary of, holiday car hire offers over 100 destinations in more than 5,000 rental stations and the world’s largest broker is with more than one million rentals a year.

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