Spa Hotel Wellness

The three pillars The healing methods of Spa Hotels split perfect health in three basic types of treatment, to ensure optimal control of relevant complaints the patient. These largely based on the knowledge and the philosophies of Hildegard of Bingen. Relief & healing promise different Moor treatments offered by the Spa Hotel. Filed under: The Cleveland Clinic. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, stimulate the metabolism and promote mobility. Areas of application such as rheumatism diseases, joint diseases, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, or nerve damage are treated here with the healing powers of the Moor. “Detoxification & purification – who cleans well, heals well” Hildegard von Bingen a next important part of the treatment concept of the House is clean and clear the body of pollutants and toxins we are exposed to in our environment and which can affect our well-being. The symptoms are fatigue and weakness.

With special types of massages, which strengthen connective tissue and blood vessels and special remedies to clean the The body’s detoxification system help, be restored in different facilities of the Spa Hotel Wellness. It makes healthy balance & regeneration – the sick, the healthy makes it even stronger”Hildegard of Bingen to is to feel perfectly healthy according to the philosophy of the House of important body to mind and soul. With specially developed application methods, for example, the amber program helps to release stress and fill empty energy depot, tailored to the different needs of her and him. There is the modern site of Moor & more Spa Hotels offers and the explanations of the listed applications and much more now in new modern design on the home page to look at. Without much effort bookings the Moor can be made online applications or packages on the homepage. If you have questions, is family Fend answer personally and would appreciate also comments and suggestions very. Contact: Family Martin fend Spengelstrasse 6, 82433 bad Kohl grub Tel.

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