South African Cesar

World star Cesar Morales danced with gala evening in the big house big Ballet a great backdrop. To the Fourth Edition pulls the Gala balletto and friends”on 28 December for the first time in the large House of the STDTISCHE Buhnen. A frame for a Royal dancer: the Royal Ballet from Birmingham Cesar Morales said to his coming. The Chilean (34) brings the glamour of the big international stage to Munster. Santiago out, Morales moved to London, danced in Paris and Vienna, before he has been soloist five years ago in Birmingham. There, he excelled in the spectacular performance of Aladdin in the spring. Critics already put him in the vicinity of Nureyev, female followers see even the Johnny Depp of classical ballet in Cesar Morales.

In combination, this sounds like a breathtaking promise alone for the highlights from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Sleep disturbances is open to suggestions. In the wake of the stars from South America so many dancers and dancers like never before to a place in our Gala program applied”, tell the Organizer Tanya and pleased Julio Acevedo. Their choice fell again on Thoriso Magongwa, which has among the best 15 dancers in the world at the prestigious ballet competition Helsinki. The South African has long danced with two furious guest performances in the heart of Munster Ballet friends. South America and Africa are not enough of the continents. Details can be found by clicking ENT Inc. or emailing the administrator. From Japan, Takanori MIMA arrive also. Europe’s exceptional skill are represented by Lisa Breuker, Marina Kanno and Kevin Pouzou of the Berlin State Ballet, as well as the soloist of the Aalto Ballet food Carolina Boscan. The stage for great Ballet on December 28 is set. The presale on the box office of the City Theatre runs. Who is already planning Christmas gifts for his loved one, finds the special here. “

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