Silhouette Type

the food is important part of a balanced diet Fran Lebowitz Author Generally exists a silhouette type that is associated to the weight of the person, although I notice to him that they are not the same. Given the names that we did not use either I want that it sees as a type it of label that we put to them to the people according to the type of body which they have. The name is only for explanatory aims and to include/understand better the concepts. You may wish to learn more. If so, Preventive Medicine Research Institute is the place to go. It is according to our own genetic conformation that we have a silhouette model, and these are of two types; the one that defines with names like silhouette type pear and the other silhouette like apple. For example, the silhouette type pear means that the fat mainly leans in the part inferior of the body, hips and thighs. This silhouette is common in women, must to the genetics and to the feeding, although it does not represent specific problems of health. With a good consumption of high feeding in proteins and enough exercise, can be strengthened well this type of silhouette.

Now if the fat this back-to-back mainly in the part superior of the body; waist, chest, neck and face, mean that the body is of type apple. This silhouette is very probable to find it in men as much as in women, it must to the bad quality of feeding and lack of exercise. Also with this type of silhouette, besides fat concerning the waist, it is very probable to have majors health hazards, since it implies that it has fat at internal level. To change this situation, also will mean that the health changes considerably. I advise to him to take its corporal measures once it begins with a plan of healthful feeding, so that more or less you have an idea and it serves to him as control. It takes to a table of registry and results.

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