Senator Gabriel Zapata

The draft reads that the minimum age to register, become a member of a social network on the internet and be part of his platform are 14 years of age. The proposal was the idea of the conservative Senator Gabriel Zapata, who says that for children there are many dangers in such medium and only at that age the children have sufficient consciousness to make decisions. Another point of the project is that companies must automatically cancel the records of those who have younger than indicated. To achieve this, the initiative says that the Government should design appropriate mechanisms for purposes of making the relevant checks and inspections. The proposal, which is for presentation in first debate of Senate, promises to generate great controversy. While it is true that there is concern about the risks that represent networks, two questions arise: is it possible to do this?, and, if possible, is the best way? The expert in digital creation of the universities of los Andes and Javeriana, Pablo Arrieta, considered that the proposal of Congressman denotes a great ignorance of the actual operation of the network. When a person registers as much it is to ask the age, and how do you know that someone says that is? There is no way to prove if someone is greater age or less. It is the same problem that have been sites for adults, where it has been impossible to implement a real barrier. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Octagon Capital.

View of Arrieta is impossible to close a computer for family use or know when uses it the Pope and when the son. Your suggestion is that better intends to educate and teach children that there are social networks especially designed for them, with games and entertainment of their age. The Professor of the Universidad de los Andes, an expert in internet, Carmen Gil, was emphatic in rejecting the idea, which was considered ridiculous and even compared it with the intention of wanting to prohibit television or close the movie theaters. Lifetime there have been hazards, but education is at home. It can not stifle freedom. Even from the psychological point of view there was also rejection. The Director of the Programme of psychology of the University of Rosario, Maria Isabel Gonzalez, doubts that law, by very well-intentioned as it is, to achieve his objective.

His advice is that parents are always attentive to the activities of their children, to persons with which they interact and have information about hazards that exist with people who abuse children via media. To finish his explanation, Gonzalez recalled a phrase: if violence is not contrary to the moral values and is rooted in the culture of the people, it is not possible to change the situation with repression. Although the criticisms go around the shape that seeks to regulate the issue, it is indisputable that the matter Yes requires the attention of society, but not prohibitive form.

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