School Position

Recalling also that for these age groups changes the predominant role because although the game occupies a large space in your life, the leading role occupies it the school who becomes the main activity of the lower school varies substantially the motives of his behavior and discover new sources of development for its cognitive and moral forces; also in this category small feel great interest by assessments that give their peers, the teacher assessment is why is paramount. Of great importance for the development of children of this age, we consider their social participation, relations that set in school, at home, with friends, as well as the position that occupies them.

The interest by resemble adults must be properly exploited since at this stage is fundamental to the personal example that is offered to the students on those aspects which we are forming in them, so that there are no contradictions between what we do and what we ask him to do. Mechanics of launch: front position while the pitcher on the mound looking for signs of the receiver, must keep the ball hidden both batter and attendees of first and third bases; the pitchers who have difficulty hiding the ball must begin hiding within the glove. The most generalized form of taking this position by rights launchers is placing the foot of pivot to the right side of the rubber; left-handers to the left; the pivot foot spikes are kept on the front edge and the foot that is used for the step is placed slightly behind. Another form used is placing both feet on the rubber and to initiate movements employ a small step backwards to take momentum. Launch gum and the height of the Mound are advantages have wand fundamentally from this position and therefore they should know to take the mound for his height favors the launch angle and the rubber to get momentum pushing her toward the home, so the first purpose in adopting this position is to achieve greater power at launch.

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