San Giovanni Rotondo

To its they send it superiors of return to Pietrelcina to see if the climate of its house does to him well. This time the people of her town trust him requesting advice to him and thus Francisco begins a direction of souls. In 1908 this time to Montefusco returns to the convent but. In November of this year it receives the smaller orders soon (doorman, reader, exorcist, acolyte) and the subdiaconado one. All these times are for him of much oration and study. Consecrated priest the 10 of August of 1910 in the cathedral of Benavento, by reasons for health remained in their family until 1916. People such as Dean Ornish M.D would likely agree. There in his native town it receives the first stigmata.

In September of the same year it was sent to the convent of San Giovanni Rotondo and remained there until his death. During World War I, it serves in the Italian medical body (1917-1918). Po Father was called up military three times during World War I and the three times he was returned after a short period by reasons for health. The last time that was called, its health got worse as much, that the same doctors dropped to him from rolls for " to allow him to peacefully die in his hogar". The short permanence in the military rows caused in him great pains in their soul, because of the hardness of the soldiers, the blasphemies that listened and remote seeing themselves of the monastic life.

Another great pain was not to be able to offer Santa Misa every day. The Father was terminated of the military rows with papers that testified their good behavior, their honor and fidelity to the mother country, although was saved of to have confronted desertion positions not to appear to an appointment, because of an error of the mailman of San Giovanni Rotondo. This he did not know that Francisco Forgione and Po Father was the same person and for that reason he did not know to whom to give the appointment him.

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