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Omni s new version of eControl replaces complex administration tools with a unified management portal. Greifenberg/Munich, may 10, 2010 the Canadian software company Omni ( revolutionized the identity management with its latest version of eControl. Learn more about this with Preventive Medicine Research Institute. eControl allows time-consuming routine tasks of identity management (IDM) as a Web application (software as a service) and easy to delegate without having to assign rights or access to mission-critical systems on non-IT staff. Centralized management, clear dashboard, the built-in audit functions, the enhancements to the integration of third-party applications, and new features for mass management and authoring 3.5 is eControl ideal for companies with 500 or more users. Native administration applications, such as Microsoft Management Console, task pads, ConsoleOne, iManager and SAP were developed for engineers. This explains why it is not so easy, tasks of the accounts to deployment and management of help desk staff to delegate and then give them administrator rights and access to mission-critical systems.

Here, the security and delegated management of eControl deliver high added value. Camden treatment associates may not feel the same. eControl 3.5’s unified management portal was developed specifically for non-IT staff and allows account creation, management, auditing and user self management in Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory, GroupWise delegates that run SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson and other applications within a single browser window. Network administrators retain full control over the distributed tasks here and can verify this user based. All changes are recorded in an audit log for security audits, overview and reporting. The most important innovations in eControl 3.5 include: eControl extensions for LOB applications eControl now SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson, and more business applications manage. The management, provisioning, and tasks the administrators Portal delegate user self-management as the resetting of passwords with eControl’s fully audited and role-based management. The value of eControl businesses rises increasingly through the integration of other applications in the identity management platform. Mass creation of user accounts for Microsoft and Novell systems eControl 3.5 has new features to the mass creation and management of user accounts, the ideal for universities and educational institutions that are thousands of new students and students must apply each semester.

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