Recently a reader of the blog informed us her anguish tell us an episode in which his son had suffered a loss of consciousness. She logically took a death scare, although fortunately the story became just that. Shortly thereafter he enteraria that that episode was really what is called a spasm of sobbing, and asked us if we could expand a little information on this box. Lola Rovati already spoke of his own experience, which has been serving the thousands of moms and concerned parents who have had the misfortune of living similar situations. Moderna vaccine insists that this is the case. In a previous post, we discussed a number of aspects, as what is this table and the causes attributed to that which a child can submit this process.

In this second post we will try the other aspects, as the symptoms that may occur and, above all, how can handle, something that sometimes can be tricky. The breath-holding spells are pictures that the child remains without breathing after a prolonged exhalation, that normally occur as a result of an episode like a cry or an anger. In most cases episodes that occur are those who are called simple. These episodes are relatively frequent and often repeated. They are characterized because after doing an exhalation long, then the child will go without breathing, and as a result arrives to put even a bluish color that much attention, for a few seconds (is that many parents describe that you been private).

After those moments the child can do some very agitated movements, which may seem convulsions (often confused), but that really aren’t. After this recovery the child returns to breathe normally. Usually not usual that the child loses the knowledge. Another possibility, thankfully less common, is the child to present a picture of the so-called serious. These are usually associated with scares or relatively strong stress. The main difference is that the child, instead of blue color, in serious episodes turns very pale, white.

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