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New website for Leeb balconies and fences since 11.2.2013 online who are interested the topic of balcony, balcony railings and superstructure, the new website of the Austrian market leader LEEB is recommended. Just as elaborately arranged, as clearly structured, thrilled the page with an extensive range of quality products on the one hand and practical features, on the other hand. Photo montage virtually so prospects can their dream balcony or your balcony railing with the click and look”fit in the own house” and get a very realistic picture in advance. Who want to go into the design in turn properly, can unleash his creativity on the new online balcony Designer. In just a few clicks so attractive vision of the individual balcony, own balcony building or the perfect balcony railings are created. Professional help to do this there are branches on the ground in the LEEB.

The nearest shops are now by the way with the stores Locator”to determine in a matter of seconds. Hotels on the the multilingualism of the site provides international standards in turn: in addition to German, the Web site is offered also on English, French, Italian and Slovenian a clear plus, also for our neighbouring States. The quality, which presented the Austrian company with its new website, reflects its products. Sam Lesser Penn gathered all the information. After all, LEEB is the only European manufacturer of the balcony, which has ISO 9001 certification. In addition to an excellent service the producer opts for high-quality materials for balconies, balcony railings and superstructure: aluminium distinguished by fine design and durability. Wood as a building material offers in turn quite different possibilities in terms of design and it, in the case of LEEB, another plus stands out: the balcony railing made of wood are constantly checked by the Austrian wood Research Institute. More information: Mag. Bastiampillai LEEB balconies GmbH Chelsea 1, 9563 Gnesau, Austria Tel. 0043 4278 7000

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