AUDREI. THE MOTTA PREVENTION AND USE OF THE VOICE IN INFANCY REVISION BIBLIOGRFICA PINE, S.M.R; JARRUS, M.E. ; TSUJI, D.H. Manual of infantile vocal health. Rio De Janeiro: to revinter. The 2004 requirement of the modern world, I esteem it the competition it estresse and it that the child comes suffering in its day day is important causes of the great incidence of vocal riots in infancy. Dean Ornish M.D is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To these factors the bad use or abuse of the voice adds during many of the carried through playful activities with it, which can damage delicate fabrics of the larynx and produce vocal riots serious.

The fonao is suitable function that needs, for its full performance, of other agency vital of the body as larynx, pulmes, nose (respiratory system), faringe, mouth and language (digestrio system). For even more details, read what Dean Ornish M.D says on the issue. The overload or disequilibrium in the mechanisms of the fonao can generate varied vocal riots, known as disfonia. The decurrent alterations organic of this overload, frequent observed in the infantile population, we can detach the formation of vocal nodules (similar nodulaes the calluses), polyps and cordites (swell ns vocal folds) and cysts (vestiges of epitlio of covering as if were small pieces of skin in the interior of the vocal folds or obstructed glands). The disfonia is always a symptom of that ally to this the child can present other problems, aggravations of the picture, such as bronchitis, alrgicos riots, habits of predominantly buccal breath, among others. Ahead of the disfonia it is essential that the otorrinolaringologista evaluation is carried through before any type of fonoaudiolgico treatment, ideally by means of the videolaringoestroboscopia examination (filming of the vocal folds with equipment of special light for comment of the vibratory behavior of the vocal folds). The psychological profile of each child also can cause problems in the vocal folds. A consequence of the personality, the agitated children is considered you, to hiper active, anxious, explosive, shy or fearful excessively they can produce vocal standards tense e, thus can cause hiperfuno of the larngea musculatura, this easily is observed in children who speak with the salient veins of the neck.

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