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You were much closer than the General the soldiers and were thus significantly influence on the morale of the armed forces. Without capable officers, also the best strategist could not successfully lead his troops. Archer archers were the high-tech weapon in ancient China. Versatile and incredibly mobile, they afflict the enemy from a distance. To protect of the flanks or as assault troops, they sink the enemy in a rain of arrows. The superior bows of the army of Emperor Qin were technological marvels that still amaze the experts with its range, accuracy, and aerodynamics. The spearhead of the army of the emperor was the most important member of the troupe.

Years of combat testing of the soldier and the sheer mass of several hundred thousands of fighters made him and his comrades to an insurmountable wall for every opponent. The army’s success rests on his shoulders and the unification of China is due him to. Morality and discipline of any individual soldiers were exactly what the army was unbeatable. Horse cavalry was the rapid reaction force of the emperor. On the back of a horse, the most prestigious Unit came to their successes. But also for the delivery of messages was the horse due to its speed of the utmost importance. In addition, she hung The army strongly by the tensile strength of the horses from logistics. Finally, hundreds of thousands warriors had to be supplied.

Casiam is therefore striving to impart knowledge about the Asian continent and its culture in Germany. To draw an accurate picture of ancient China and the terracotta army, much background information have been researched and compiled in the form of texts, videos, and links. Find out about the army of the first emperor and visit our homepage Casiam is a specialist in the area of imports and product sales and has made a name with the trade of exclusive furnishings from China in a very short time. The company is characterized by quality, reliability, and commitment to the satisfaction of our customers from all over the world.

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