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Lordmancer player can become virtually any enterprising player in the computer or mobile games (strategy, multiplayer online games). In Lordmancer can play everywhere and always – in transport, in lectures, in the pauses at work, home at lunch or dinner. This is our advantage over computer games. Please visit Univ. of Iowa if you seek more information. Cut in Lordmancer interesting for all – and the casual players and hardcore gamers shaped. The main target audience is young people aged 12-25 years, but the game is exciting and many more mature people because a lot of similarities in order to known their hits of the past.

Gameplay characters move around the game map, where he meets other characters (Players and NPC), are towns, villages, and the Gate between the worlds treasures. The hero can move freely across multiple interconnected cards – the Earth. To get to the other Land, it is necessary to find a gate between worlds. Access to The gates are often closed strong opponents or by some limitations. The game features two-player battle mode (PvP).

The battle takes place in steps. Fight as you can with a computer opponent. Developed artificial intelligence and intelligent combat system will not be bored even the most demanding players. er here. Players can communicate with each other to chat, share things, to unite in clans and fight wars. In towns, players can employ a variety of creatures in their army, buy and sell things, magic scrolls. This is a neutral place where you can not fight, but you can chat and trade. Domestic economy game based on the laws of the real world. Player must be a balance between expenditure and income. For the army must not only pay a one time money and pay salary regularly. Is the game and the opportunity to receive a steady income. And only on the player depends, whether he have enough money earned. The attractiveness of the game lordmancer ability to create a personal character with unique properties. Weightlessness in the chatter from other players. Self-realization in a unique game world. Constant expansion of the gaming universe Free to Play Lordmancer extends the scheme Free to play, that is, it's free to download and the actual game. The game operates algorithm "time = money". The player has a choice – spend much time in the game for the development of his character and retention achieved positions or to spend some real money and achieve the same results much faster. In java game highlighted game balance – not with money to achieve significant advantages in the game, you can only partially make your life easier, to accelerate the development of a hero or a little to stand out from the crowd. But to win the game by money alone can not. The game uses two short numbers – costing about 30 and 100 rubles. With VAT

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