Peter Something

It did not have a Bible, nor inspired coils, not even a formal religion. He was a sincere, straight man and temente the God and turned aside themselves from the evil. Monotesta had a religion, based in the natural theology, much less of what the majority has today, but arrived to say something magnificente so that it frightens any religious modern. This expression demonstrates allegiance, confidence, certainty, faith, but, before everything, a knowledge of the God Almighty. It was not the knowledge that in is offered today through the Word of God, of the messages and studies to them of preclear preachers and masters, but was something so genuine that it generated in that man this security to affirm: Despite kills it me, in it I will wait.

Fellow creature to the friends of Daniel when they were for being launched in the burning hot furnace. They had said:> Here it is that our God, to who we serve, we are that can exempt in them; it will exempt in them of the furnace of burning hot fire, and your hand, king. E, if not, is knowing king, that we will not serve yours deuses nor we will adore the gold statue that you raised. Daniel 3,17, 18. To know the God, to obey the God and to love the God, a God to who we do not see, is something really suprahuman. Peter had sensitivity to understand and to register this supernatural, strange, different feeling: which, not having seen it, you love. In which, not seeing it now, but believing, you are glad with inefvel and glorious joy.

1 Peter 1.8. The unfastening of J has that to be the unfastening of all we. The Christian does not have fear of the death and is ready to cross the mysterious border at any time.

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