Perfect Online Shop

Today's Internet is developing so rapidly that what was yesterday not possible, it is now available everywhere. Recently, the creation of an online store for all was something transcendent, and now an online store makes every other web-studio. However, the requirements for online shopping is still relatively under-reported by the performers, and customers too undemanding and not familiar with the principles of constructing such network resources. For more specific information, check out Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. So I decided to try to formulate the basic requirements, which to date are particularly relevant for a good that can bring profit to its owner, an online store. 1. Ease of navigation. Yes, the requirement number one – it's not a beautiful design, do not feed products, namely ease of navigation. The most primitive mistake here – it's lack of transparent navigation of the site from any point.

What does this mean? It is known that page of the site can get quite different ways. Can the main page, where you trying to post their special offers, news, animation, designed to 'bewitch' the visitor, but this is as no surprise, is not the most common 'entrance' to the site. The site – a house with no doors and windows, it can be accessed from any page, even with the one that the owner of the site and did not think that someone sometime will get. This is due to the fact that the site is indexed a special program – the search robot, which parses the HTML, the language the Internet as a dead document, regardless of site design and 'flow' of material. It is concerned only nested references and texts. Search engines are very useful for the owner of the site, as those who come from search engines, looking for something that is on your site, and therefore it is possible that they are – potential buyers. But if a person gets on a product page with no navigation capabilities in other areas of the directory, without being able to put an item in the basket and place your order, it will not be very good.

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