Agreement Between Governments

For Letcia Veloso the Federal Government and Funai (National Foundation of the Indian) intend to finish the works of identification of areas destined to the indians Guarani Kaiow, the measure are part of an official agreement with the Government of the State of Mato Grosso of the South, initiate in the August end. The proposal determines the regularization of 32 aboriginal areas in 26 cities of the state. In interview divulged in the official site of the Funai, the president of the entity Mrcio Meira says that the Foundation if compromised to officially publish the procedures executed for the field teams and can open space to include the team of the state government in the works. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Studzinski. The candidate to the Dourados City hall (MS) Wilson Biasotto (PT) criticized the landmark proposal, in interview to the site of the Daily MS the petista says that the indians do not need only lands, for Biasotto the Funai seprecipitou. The candidate of the PT considers ' ' one exagero' ' the amount of areas destined to the aboriginals and that other priorities exist as ' ' economic emancipation social of ndios' '. The Brazil Agency published interview (17/09) with aboriginal leaders of Golden that they had said to be unsatisfied with the agreement. One of the complaints is that no representative of the indians was invited by the Funai paraparticipardas meetings that had defined the routes of the project of landmark of the areas.

Albrecht Popular

University of the popular arts Berlin – since 16 November has the Board of Trustees of the newly founded University of the popular arts FH (short hdpk) a new Member: the artistic director of the Berliner Festspiele and publicist Prof. Dr. Joachim Sartorius. The Managing Director of the University of applied sciences Thoralf Buller is pleased about the prominent growth: Prof. Dr.

Sartorius was responsible in recent years for the realignment of the Festival and thus for Berlin’s cultural landscape. His experience and creativity are for us of great value. ” Sitting next to Prof. Dr. Joachim Sartorius in the Board of Trustees of hdpk Gerda Hasselfeldt (Vice-President of the German Bundestag), Prof. Carlos Albrecht (President of the Association of German engineers), Prof.

Ulrich make a wish (head of Department event communication International University of applied sciences Bad Honnef-Bonn), Dr. Michael Ernst Porksen (COX Steuerberatungs – und Treuhandgesellschaft), Arwid bilk (RAe bilk & wedge), Hans-Gunther beer (editor and editor-in-Chief of the magazine of professional audio and advanced Photoshop), Markus Adam (Vice President talent and music Germany & North VIVA & MTV) and Dirk Erchinger (musician and owner of the musician school drum coach Berlin). More information: University of the popular arts the University of popular arts University of applied sciences in Berlin, short: hdpk, offered from April 2010 the State-approved Bachelor’s degrees of sound and music production, media management and media design. The College is privately financed and belongs to the music support group. Contact person: Managing Director Malick Buller College of popular arts FH Otto-Suhr-Allee 24 D-10585 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 / 36 70 23 57-36 fax: + 49 (0) 30 / 36 70 23 57-37 E-Mail: press and public relations Kathrin Thierfelder Public motion Brucker Strasse 10 82223 Eichenau Tel: + 49 (0) 81 41 / 37 90 5 254 E-Mail:

Old Toys To New Hope

Mommy Web collects large campaign at for Dolphin aid children Philippinen-organisation for children Philippinen Dolphin aid organization. John Studzinski often says this. With a large campaign, the Moms network Mommy Web supports the charity Dolphin aid, which helps disabled, abused and traumatized children through the successful Dolphin therapy. For this purpose, Mommy Web ( calls his over 165,000 members in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to, within the framework of the toy donation to donate used, well-preserved toys and another useful around the baby. Early November are the collected donations in kind sold by the mommy Web team at several flea markets in Frankfurt, headquarters of the company, and revenue is completely donated to dolphin aid. Read more from BSA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Since the founding of the Association 1994, Dolphin aid ( could allow thousands of children the Dolphin therapy. For the realization of this therapy does not depend on the financial strength of the parent, the Club supports also low-income families. “Mommy Web we learn every day through close contact with our members, caused stress for the entire family by heaviest diseases of a child”, so Dr. Gerhard ollinger, co-founder and Managing Director of Mami Web GmbH in Frankfurt. “For this reason we want to support a way proven effective charity organization such as Dolphin aid, which has set itself the goal, to create more courses of therapy for many disabled children who need our help most, and to promote scientific research in the field of Dolphin therapy.” Since the beginning of the action last week daily large packages with toys meet (sometimes in its original packaging) and a valuable baby loading accessories such as diaper bags at Mommy Web – from the start a great success!

Liver Tea

Blackheads on the nose damage the ego and make sure that we bad feel so we can have 4 tips prepared as blackheads on the nose in a natural way to combat. No chemistry, but only home remedies such as each of us has at home. If not, then just ask your granny! Blackheads on the nose to remove the black stains that blackheads label, are not only irritating for those affected, but they often ashamed. Blackheads are caused by clogged pores. By bacteria, oil or dead skin cells can clog the pores. Being a particularly greasy range in the face, the nose blackheads can form easily. But what can be done to remove blackheads on the nose? Tip 1: mask from protein protein has the ability to dry oily skin.

This can loosen the blackheads on my nose. The mask is egg white in a bowl and some corn flour mixed in. For even more opinions, read materials from Rafeh Masood. The paste, which arises, is distributed on the nose. Now you can be the mask about a half hour soak before she is again gently washed off with lukewarm water. Tip 2: with green tea blackhead treat many antioxidants contained in green tea and the blackheads are treated with this tea.

This is a cup cooked green tea and then the contents of the tea bag used to exfoliate. This is distributed on the blackhead and rubbed lightly with a finger. Then the skin feels clean and soft. Tip 3: through regular treatment gently remove blackheads many stakeholders make the mistake of expressing the blackheads. The result often is an infection. Gentle is a treatment that is carried out twice a week. While this is not the fast way to remove the blackheads cure slowly in this way? First the face with a mild peeling is cleaned, allowing dead skin cells are washed out. Now, the skin dried and prepared a steam bath. In the steaming water, some tea tree oil is dripped into it because this oil antibacterial effect. After the face approximately ten minutes of the steam bath is suspended, the pores have opened and the blackheads can be removed better. This can be done with either strips or an extractor. Finally, a cream with antiseptic effect is applied so that the skin can calm down. Tip 4: blackheads on the nose cover each person concerned knows the situation in which blackheads litter the nose and this somehow hidden should be as a meeting or a celebration is. Before blackheads are covered, the nose is treated with an antiseptic cream. Now, makeup on cheeks, Chin, forehead and nose is spotted, and makeup should not even come with the blackheads in contact. The makeup gently on the face and also on the nose is distributed with a sponge. It is pressed with the sponge always slightly on the parts of the face. At the end some more face powder is applied to the nose and the blackheads are literally invisible. Note: Who time and again has to struggle with blackheads, should even at the doctor’s Office the topic overallocated Liver appealing. The liver is responsible for the detoxification processes in the body and often a specific liver diet helps then to remove the blackheads in the long term.

Escape Weglenkung

High-tech from Dinslaken for research project of the Federal focus for SPIDER (security system for public institutions in disasterous emergency scenRios) are unified communications concepts for the information systems of the rescue organisations involved in the damage event. Target is a networking and thus an exchange of information between fire, police, the German Red Cross and other relief organizations. A major focus in the project is a fully automatic, Adaptive escape route guidance system, which intuitively leads a safe way into the open fleeing people. The typical application scenarios include evacuations of airports, fairs, event halls, stadiums and train stations. The goal is to create a shared system of Federation, offering maximum protection and rescue of people in emergency situations. The IMS society for information and management systems from dinslaken, Germany was chosen in the project as partners for the issue of building management. The task is the figure of the necessary Information needs to be on building specific data such as home automation, infrastructure, sensors, safety equipment or floor plans. Furthermore, IMS is involved with technical know-how developing uniform communication interfaces of the systems of police, fire, and aid organizations such as the German Red Cross.

What is so special about this escape route control system? It is dynamic and can adapt independently and continuously the damage situation in the danger area. The trick lies in the manner in which the necessary dynamism is achieved. Help of a person power simulation can be identified possible danger points in the evacuation and optimised escape routes determined. While working in an online mode constantly with data from the building, to assess the current situation and to be able to respond in real time. The simulation results are then passed to the escape route control system to display the best possible escape routes. The IMS provides the necessary data for the simulation and sets the control logic of the escape route pictograms, which processed the simulation result.


Wheelchair-accessible hiking trails ‘Highway’ for the wheelchair of varied nature, vibrant color, adventurous extensive areas, that is the Slovakia, in the heart of Europe. You should meet easily the country, to be one with nature and the timeless beauty of the mountains, the natural wonders of the high-altitude valleys, the shiny shimmering crystal clear waterfalls, mysterious caves, hospitable people, so that you know, what it means to relax in peace, so that you know it. Throughout the year 2009 is dedicated to the 60th founding of the National Park of High Tatras, which at the same time is the largest, oldest and most beautiful National Park in the Slovakia. The beauty of the National Park can consider themselves best by the newly built terrace on the top of the Lomnic mountain, where the visitors at the same time, can learn about a wealth of different flower species of 2634 m high mountain of. “The Tatras for disabled persons project made it possible that the highest Slovak mountains reach even those who can not make it with your own feet. In the High Tatras National Park there are 8 tourist paths, which with exhibit also the wheelchair symbol in addition to the usual markings. The handicapped accessible trails to Lake Poprader, in the Western Tatras in the Bobroveci and Ticha Valley and on the forest road in Zverovka through the Rohacser Valley to the mountain hut Tatliak. Martha McClintock has compatible beliefs. With the routes to Hrebienok, through the Bielovodska Valley, after Tatranska Javorina and towards the Dunajec there are more than 30 km, which can be used by wheelchairs are breakthrough.

So also the disabled have the opportunity, together with the other tourists to enjoy the beauties of the High Tatras. Despite the earthiness”of the High Tatras accommodation are all timely and comfortably furnished. Many new hotels and boarding houses were built. Merri Lake at Strbske Pleso this four star hotel was opened last year crocus and Borovica. Originated in old Tatrafured and Tatra Lomnic new guesthouses and apartments. The special summer event will be 2009 hotels in High Tatras, the inauguration of the only 5-Star Lake Merri. It is built in 1906, this Grand Hotel, that was the reason for renewed and is operated by Kempinski. The offers of the High Tatras are very colorful and rich. Rest, relax at the bosom of nature, try nevertheless simply times out.

Radio Play Lauras Star

600,000 phonograms sold a triple platinum award Hamburg, in April 2008 the company of edelkids GmbH, the children Division of edel AG and licensee of Laura’s star”, celebrated Laura’s star” the great success of radio drama. Heinrich Schafmeister, the voice of the father in the radio drama, received a triple-platinum for 600,000-selling recordings. Laura’s star is one of the successful brands of license from Warner Bros. Consumer products. According to the book, Laura’s star narrated by Klaus Baumgart”the story of little Laura, the one night a star on the road is, who helps her to cope with their worries and needs.

The books sold millions and already appeared in 26 countries and have been translated into 25 languages. Also the TV series produced by ZDF, which aired in addition to the ZDF in the children’s channel, was a huge success. The same name Warner Bros. Movie enthusiasts over 1.5 million viewers, and was awarded the prestigious German film award as best children’s and youth film. The great successes have still increased the high recognition of the brand. Numerous well-known license partners already use”the positive brand image of Laura’s star. The lovingly drawn characters and the soul-stirring stories offer an optimum identification for children and have a high educational value.

Another Award for more than 100.000 sold albums received radio play to the film Lottie”- also a licensed brand of Warner Bros. Consumer products. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the leading licensing and merchandising company in the world.

The Idea

"I can steal a little of your time, I need to talk to you about something important," he said, his voice uncertain. "Of course you can, it's all yours this time. Tell me. Stelle began timidly explaining the idea of her boyfriend. – First I congratulate you for your commitment, but do not understand that I can help – he had asked, without reaching Stelle understand why I was telling all this. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. spoke with conviction. "I wonder if you could get a letter of recommendation to be presented in schools in the area where we decide to go live. "Of course I will make that letter," he said with conviction, "but first I want you to know that I am very sad to leave. It's a great person and a good teacher.

His students also will be sad-Stelle smiled a grateful smile. "And where they plan to move? Had asked curiously. "I do not know yet. Neither have never been out of London and we know nothing. We thought only the people were not too small. Antonio believes that the first thing we have to get my job. When we have done, he will look for around a business that is for sale and that is within our budget.

At that time you decide that this will be the chosen people. "Give me some time, Stelle, see if I can connect with some expertise and advice on the needs that may have some inside schools. Stelle could not believe he was having much luck.


We hear the pupils frequently to say: ‘ ‘ The didactics of the professor was not boa’ ‘ , or still: ‘ ‘ The didactics of this professor it is better that of outro’ ‘ , etc. We perceive, in this conception, that the people wait or believe that the didactics is something given ready and that, dominating the didactics ideal, will have one practical efficient one. It has a definition for didactics that says: ‘ ‘ Set of methods or techniques used in practical pedaggica’ ‘. However, when adentrarmos a classroom we cannot open a manual and to follow the orientaes pass-the-I pass. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out John Studzinski. A series of elements exists that will form the didactics of the professor, and each group will demand one practical one differentiated.

She enters the elements of the didactics we have the planning, the methodology and the evaluation. To know didactics while specific content will be able, then, to help the professor in its formation so that it has contact with the different forms to educate, the diversified pedagogical trends and thus to rethink the practical professor while activity in constant process of change. Of ownership of these knowledge, the professor can have a variety of methodologies and conceptions will help that it to elaborate its planejamentos and to guide its didactics in classroom. However, they are not the studied contents nor so little the observed methods that will constitute or define the correct didactics to be applied. Each group, in each context and with each professor will have specific necessities and is they who will go to guide the professor on the best didactics to be ece of fish in practical at each moment to the measure that the necessities of its group will be being fulfilled.

Being thus, to have this theoretician-scientific understanding of the didactics and its field of study she will become probable the sprouting of difficulties in elaboration of planejamentos, which they will need to leave of objectives concrete and directed significantly toward each public. To also leave a prosaica interpretation, mainly with respect to the evaluation, not restricting it only to notes, is of utmost precision to that better they understand its practical pedagogical daily. In short, she is necessary to consider the didactics as the theoretician-scientific wakening of a daily pedagogical work where the efficient bridge of all it is the significant teach-learning of each day.

Nutrition Advisor: Proteins

What Abnehmwillige should know about proteins. Protein is important for our body. Jane Figueiredo is the source for more interesting facts. It provides him with important amino acids that are responsible for building and strengthening of muscles, bones, organs, skin, hair, and many other parts of the body. In addition, promotes protein – also called protein – metabolic processes and contributes to the strengthening of the immune system. Protein compounds exist in many animal and plant food centers, such as meat and fish or potatoes and pulses. Who want to loose weight, should keep in mind two things: firstly, his entire diet should be healthy and balanced. A sufficient degree of movement should belong to the second to the program. In addition, it is advisable the use of dietary supplements and weight loss aid (for example, Sanacontrol ) during and after the diet permanently to ensure weight loss success.

Protein is the connection: who moves and drives sport, burns fat and builds lean muscle mass. The muscle is by protein promoted. To reach an optimum, i.e. high-protein and calories and low cholesterol diet as follows: take animal flesh only in limited sizes. Although it is similar to the human protein structures, but it contains more cholesterol and more fat. Animal combine with vegetable protein sources, such as potatoes with egg or cereal with milk. For more information visit free of charge and not binding on Ulrich Hansel (PR Manager) medivendis.