Silhouette Type

the food is important part of a balanced diet Fran Lebowitz Author Generally exists a silhouette type that is associated to the weight of the person, although I notice to him that they are not the same. Given the names that we did not use either I want that it sees as a type it of label that we put to them to the people according to the type of body which they have. The name is only for explanatory aims and to include/understand better the concepts. You may wish to learn more. If so, Preventive Medicine Research Institute is the place to go. It is according to our own genetic conformation that we have a silhouette model, and these are of two types; the one that defines with names like silhouette type pear and the other silhouette like apple. For example, the silhouette type pear means that the fat mainly leans in the part inferior of the body, hips and thighs. This silhouette is common in women, must to the genetics and to the feeding, although it does not represent specific problems of health. With a good consumption of high feeding in proteins and enough exercise, can be strengthened well this type of silhouette.

Now if the fat this back-to-back mainly in the part superior of the body; waist, chest, neck and face, mean that the body is of type apple. This silhouette is very probable to find it in men as much as in women, it must to the bad quality of feeding and lack of exercise. Also with this type of silhouette, besides fat concerning the waist, it is very probable to have majors health hazards, since it implies that it has fat at internal level. To change this situation, also will mean that the health changes considerably. I advise to him to take its corporal measures once it begins with a plan of healthful feeding, so that more or less you have an idea and it serves to him as control. It takes to a table of registry and results.

Illness Development

The invertebrate host? Vector In Brazil the vectors are mosquitos of the Lutozomys sort. It has some popular denominations, in accordance with the region: insect-pallha, birigui, tatuquira, cangalhinha, wing-last, etc. Are very small, measuring between one and three mm of size. But the females are hematfagas and the blood is vital for the reproduction, without which the eggs are not developed. The males feed themselves of seiva of plants. Mosquitos that live in the neighborhoods of the residences have nocturnal habit, initiating the revoada one when entardecer, drawing out for all the night.

The ones that inhabits the bushes also exert the hematofagia during the day. People who circulate in bush areas where exist the mosquito vector (hunting, woodcutters, etc), contract a form popularly branda of the illness, known as ' ' illness of lenhador' '. The vertebrate host wild Mammals in general (erosive, opossum, tamandu, armadillo, candeos, foxes, primate, laziness, etc) are involved in the biological cycle of the leishmania. ' ' The domestic dog and the man are hosts acidentais' '. The contamination When pricking a infectado animal, the mosquito sucks the blood together with the infectante agent (leishmania) that it passes for transformation in its interior, migrando after that for the glands salivares. This transformation in the organism of the vertebrate host is of basic importance for the contamination process.

When the mosquito, now infectado, subsequentemente feeds itself, the parasites is inoculated in the new host, having initiated itself a fight of the organism attacked against the invading agent. The imunolgico system goes to try to isolate and to destroy the microrganismo, exempting the host of the infection and conferring immunity, what it occurs in the majority of the cases. However, it has cases where the organism does not obtain to get rid itself of the parasite, passing then to the condition of ' ' portador' ' until the development of the illness.

Is It Dangerous To Doping Not Only At The Elite Level, But Also At The Grassroots?

olostrum – the healthy alternative to doping Aachen, July 26, 2009 – also this topic without doping case still remains in the conversation, when it comes to the tour de France. The health club German colostrum society therefore asked the specialist in General and sports medicine, Dr. med. Marco Prummer, from Aachen, as he estimates a doping in sport: I’m saying many German media representatives and also officials of the associations know that performance in professional sports without doping would not be possible. u0085″He notes in addition to doping in sport: the top athletes are very well looked after and also medically monitored, so that recognized the health damage and evt.” can be treated.

The widths and recreational athletes worry me more. The athletes are just the tip of the iceberg. The broad masses dopes like crazy. It begins with small village clubs. Barbara Martin Coppola oftentimes addresses this issue. There is little care and the health risks are not refrain. u0085″ Dr.

Prummer, head of colostrum research Centrums, applies to Europe as years of expert colostrum. This natural food, studies prove causes numerous other positive health benefits in addition to performance. Colostrum is not doping, but admitted in Germany as the own kinds of foodstuffs. u0085″says Dr. Prummer, in many other countries, Colostrum is a milk product. However, Colostrum contains growth hormones, including IgF1. IgF1 is on the doping list. Many endurance athletes take colostrum to improve performance. No athlete who has taken so far only colostrum, is been tested ever positive IgF1. Colostrum itself is not on the prohibited list. As a controversial debate to colostrum for years. u0085″With Dr.

Yes Cosmetics

Successful act to improve the economy! The health revolution given of collapsing Government health systems takes the self-responsibility of the people more and more (wellness, Selfness). Consumers are always more ready to invest in your own health. People are always critical and increasingly packaging feedback page. Products and companies of the future markets can only exist, if you follow the strictest standards. RINGANA and RINGANA sales partner operate in fast-growing markets: natural cosmetics grow by more than 20% per year, estimated that the food supplement industry by about 30%.

Also the topics naturalness, sustainability, bio etc. are becoming more and more crucial economic factors. WE SHOW THEM OUR UNIQUE WAY OF COMPETENCE AND INNOVATION! Hello dear readers, perhaps Yes the Ringana network program is the right choice for you. Read additional details here: Professor Roy Taylor. Ringana has since 15 years on the market (main focus Austria) established and is now about to enter the European markets. Ringana is characterised by a very high customer satisfaction and quality products. The product range is based on two pillars: 1 natural cosmetics on vegetarian base 2 supplements on vegetarian base we are looking for serious partners for the construction in Germany. Work you have to known today almost everywhere to be successful. But, I can only recommend this to – or even full-time sales activity for many reasons.

Enterprise: Ringana launched in 1996 and is today market leader in natural cosmetics in Austria. 1600 distributors are 2009 generate a planned turnover of 6Mio. euros. Now it is out to conquer the German market with a unique product range. Two product lines are offered – fresh cosmetics and nutritional supplements! Ringana creates an entirely new kind of health and beauty products. Have never been so fresh, consistently, cosmetics and health foods high-quality, naturally, effectively and ethically valuable. This remarkable philosophy includes manufacturing process on a purely vegetarian basis and without the use of chemical preservatives.

Home Bread Machine

What could be better than fresh, fragrant, just baked homemade bread? In the old smell of bread and cakes in each house, which gave him a special flair and comfort. Since then, however, as the production of grain was, in fact, put on the conveyor, the hostess stopped baking bread at home – because it was easier to buy ready without spending too much time. But as you know, all traditions have a feature back. And today many mistresses again began to bake tasty hlebushek home. Undoubtedly, the oven it is much easier, because there are new devices for home baking, including the leader Bread. Bread gained popularity among users recently.

Many still refer to innovation rather cautiously, suggesting that the passion will be baking homemade bread for a few days, and the unit will gather dust on a shelf in the pantry. However, such fears and completely unjustified fears. After all, the bread machine knead the dough, you can simply mean anything – dumplings, dumplings, pancakes and other things (that do not require baking in a bread machine), and in some – even make jelly or jam! A neat blocks of any bread that you can bake in the bread machine, do not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, the undisputed remains, and the fact that homemade bread is much tastier and healthier stores. Perhaps it is obtained more expensive in cost, but you know, on my health and that of your loved ones is not worth saving. By the usual agony experienced hostess may add the flour, meal, bran, chopped nuts, olives, grated cheese, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, to get a new, more delicious and healthy breads.

Bread machine can be programmed – to the baking of bread took place at night and by morning you will be waiting for freshly baked bread! Wash bread machine is very easy – in fact, only need to wash a detachable form in which the baked bread. If the bread machine is simple dough, you will need to wash only a bucket and a mixer. By Bread is almost always included a special booklet with recipes for different kinds of bread, which is also very useful for beginners housewives, as well as detailed instructions for use bread machine. 'Horseshoe' – store your home!

Dr. Kilner

Thus, whereas in all the men on whom the study was based, they appeared the same auric characteristics, in the women these were different, varying its dawns as they had but age and acquiring a smoother and subtle tone. Another phenomenon of great importance to which the Dr. Kilner paid attention to him, was to verify like, when two types of dawns agreed, healthy forts and the other dawns, weak without hardly energy, these last dawns weak, they absorbed the force of the other strong and healthy dawns. For that reason many far-sighted and psychic ones, when they detect to that type of weak dawns, avoid the contact with them at all costs, since on the contrary, not only they lose part of its positive energy, but they can take long time in returning to reclaim its faculties. In the same way, far-sighted and the psychic ones, that can observe the dawn, indicate that the emanations of light they come from the interior of the body, penetrating in the matter from different dimensions. Shortly after in 1920, the Kirlian spouses, after realising several tests trying to construct a conventional camera, of accidental form, they occurred to account of that were shortage more something, since this camera, did not shape the images of the known way, but what it remained shaped was the dawn of the alive beings. This camera, call camera kirlian, in honor to their discoverers, has allowed to know aspects the dawn, even then strangers, and still nowadays are, in their up-to-date model, the best existing system to be able to visualize and to shape the dawn of the alive beings, besides an endless ones of applications, as much in the esoteric field, like psychic physicist and, as well as to be a valuable instrument of diagnosis of diseases, with amazing exactitude, even going ahead to the group of symptoms of the disease.

Gifts From Evergreen State

In Greece, as we know, has it all. It is this kind of alleged dimba in 's Wedding. " It was a long time and the play took off farce (it shone Faina ), followed by a phrase that is said, went to the people. Since then, the years went on, but the measure of wealth was still Greece. But tourists traveling to the United States, a canonical phrase is increasingly added that if Greece is all that is America. The last stronghold of the Greek reputation remained holy Olympus.

Imagine our surprise when it turned out that the U.S. has its own Olympic Mountains, the highest point which the Olympus! And it is located on a peninsula of Olympia in Washington State. Yes, and the staff is easy to argue to Greece by the presence of "only". First thing that caught your eye upon arrival in Washington – is a remarkable variety of terrain. There are mountains and hills, and plains, and even a volcano Mount St. Helens, which is even erupted almost 30 years ago. Well, almost erupted, but with a proud to announce that residents of "Evergreen State"! Incidentally, evergreen: the amount of vegetation, Washington can compete with the coast Aegean Sea. Forests cover almost the entire territory of the State and if the east is somewhat gloomy coniferous evergreen forests, it is already in the west, the peninsula of Olympia, the forests more closely resemble the tropical jungle. In this humid climate, well under the guise of beautiful mountains grow various fruit orchards and vineyards.

Viral Hepatitis

Viral hepatitis – infectious diseases occurring with the general intoxication and primary liver disease. The term “viral hepatitis” combines two independent forms of major disease – viral Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis) and hepatitis B (serum hepatitis). In addition, the currently selected group of viral hepatitis, with clinical affinity with viral hepatitis A and B. This group may includes several independent nosological forms and conventionally referred to as hepatitis-A, B. The term “Botkin’s disease” united before hepatitis A and B. The term “viral hepatitis” does not include hepatitis, which observed in other viral diseases. Epidemiology. The source of infection in viral hepatitis is the only man.

In viral hepatitis A pathogen is excreted in the feces. The highest concentration of virus in Kale says at the end of incubation and during preicteric period. At this time the patients present the greatest danger to others. With the jaundice virus in the feces usually can not be found. The blood virus Hepatitis A can be detected for 2-10 days before the first signs of illness, he disappeared in the early days of jaundice period. Sources of infection are often subclinical and anicteric patients with forms of hepatitis. It is not something Preventive Medicine Research Institute would like to discuss. Main transmission of hepatitis A, fecal-oral.

For hepatitis A is characterized by the autumn-winter season, a high proportion of cases among young adults, the frequency of epidemic disease rises after 3-5 years. In hepatitis B infection is the source of chronic carriers of hepatitis B antigen, patients with chronic forms of hepatitis B, as well as patients in the acute stage. In patients with hepatitis B virus in the blood. The virus is found in serum before the onset of clinical symptoms (for 25-45 days). After suffering a hepatitis B in most of the virus disappears from the convalescent serum for 3-4 months.

Ramon Gallegos

Responsibility that when you recognize the interdependence, our actions fall within this context of responsibility, which begins at home, then for others, the world to reach the universal. The cooperation involves using all the resources to compliment the learning. Confidence in yourself that begins after the other and life itself. Spirituality which are love, compassion, joy, humility and interrelation. The freedom that begins with a not to find the autonomous self. Love, Peace and Respect. These principles are exposed on the bridge of conscious education created by Dr.

Ramon Gallegos. And mark the stages of man, from birth up to the level of spiritual consciousness. So far we have been involved in holistic education, but how and where to holistic education. The proposal to transform the schools to learning communities, addresses the where, for this we must understand at first instance, a learning community. Holistic education learning communities are perceived as living entities, understanding that the word community means unity and common learning refers to the process that has no end or limits of inquiry, which is significant to the life and along the life. We concluded that a learning community is one that comprised individuals who have the ability to create shared meanings, acting responsibly and with the main avenue for understanding the dialogue. The human being goes through some or all of these levels and dimensions, sometimes stays in one or most of the 30 regions that make up this model. The stages of development and growth of the human being are also crucial to go climbing in these regions.

Ramon Gallegos

Spirituality is an internal, immediate and direct experience of our original nature, of the entire membership; builds do not adhere to something external, but take responsibility for own lighting. Dr. Ramon Gallegos nava says that spirituality is the recognition of our pure consciousness, it is the recognition of the whole of life, this (spirituality) has nothing to do with religions, cults, ceremonies or something that looks like you, is a full experience, it is to perceive the wonderful being who dwells within us, is the direct experience of this immeasurable universe, this takes us from the egocentric to the Kosmocentrico, from the personal to the universal, to transcendence. In if you could say that spirituality is self-knowledge, I consider spirituality as essential human nature I believe it is the foundation of all genuine education, spirituality is not religious belief, beliefs are not the essence of spirituality, spirituality is an immediate and direct experience of the transcendent, universal love. Something very important in the perennial philosophy is the triple view of human nature as previously mentioned, we are an integrated whole in body, mind and spirit, where the spirit is the reality based. The transcendental is located in the spiritual, is somewhat abstract, disembodied, difficult to perceive, and for many of us difficult to feel, is qualitative of our being.

Education and spirituality: I think that education should cultivate the healthy growth of the spiritual life since one of the functions of the education is to help understand that everything in life is connected to everything else. In all the great traditions of the world, the ethics of this awareness is expressed with: I what I do to others, I do it myself. The Act empower the person is equally fundamental to the concept of connection. If we are all connected to everyone and everything else, then each person can ever to stimulating a deep sense of connection with others and with the Earth in all its dimensions, the holistic education fosters a sense of responsibility toward it, towards others and towards the planet.