Nutrition and Babies

There is a true especially considering your condition and the need to constantly feed the baby. Let's start with calorie content. Experts believe that for young girls enough daily 1500 kcal, for large – up to 2000 kcal. Compose your own diet, based on advice on nutrition for lactating mothers. They are largely consonant with the rules of proper nutrition and, in particular, secure dumping unwanted pounds. Thus you can be sure that you are doing. It is the refusal of food, from sweet and starchy foods. But in the vegetables can be in anything does not deny – use them several times each day day.

Just do not forget that they must be boiled in water or steamed, and stewed – but without oil. It is necessary to forget about sweetened carbonated drinks. Milk is certainly useful, but fat-free or at least with a small percentage of fat. And incredibly useful juices. Best when they shop, and squeezed in the home.

A plain water to drink 6-8 glasses daily: usefulness and safety has not been invented. Important feature. Daily ration must be divided by 4.5 receptions and not to miss any one, because hunger will lead to overeating at the next appointment. In the evening it is best to eat something light. A recommendation – do not eat after 18 hours – do not take close to heart. It should sound in another way: eat no later than 4 hours before bedtime. Everyone knows that a healthy balanced diet – it is very important in order to effectively lose weight. Without the necessary exercise process will be mad slow. A couple of weeks after giving birth should begin to engage in, slowly, but gradually adding the load. Start with walking. Do not put your baby in a carriage with benches. At least an hour on each outing to go in fast flat rate, upstanding, not less than 4 thousand steps. And calories are lost and the muscles are toning. If we talk about exercising, then this is what you can do and at home. Importantly – have the desire. Nowadays there are many necessary material – tapes, CDs and literature. Can be found on the day of a period of time for exercise. And then will be pain in the body, you will not get tired, more to enjoy life, including – and looking at his reflection in the mirror. It will witness: the issue – how to lose weight without restrictive diets and special funds – do you cope.

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