Nilson Baby

In this period, the woman becomes especially sensible, many times confused, even though despaired; the normal anxiety and the reactive depression are common. The period of days after-childbirth is overloaded of intense and varied feelings. First the twenty and four hours in special, the woman tends the recovery of the fatigue caused for the childbirth. Purpera feels discomfort, nauseas, pains and bleed due to the childbirth. Everything this, beyond is clearly of the trauma of the childbirth, still more had been become fullfilled under narcosis sensetizes this woman who generally is weak and confused, but at the same time excited for the birth of its son. The emotional labilidade is the type most characteristic of the first week after the childbirth. Baker, 1987; Kaij and Nilson, 1982, believe that these symptoms must the changes biochemists who if process after the childbirth soon, such as the increase of the sensation of corticoesterides and the sudden fall of the hormonais levels.

One another point to be salient is the fact of that the mother stops, the reality of the embryo in uterus not compate with the reality of the just-born baby and for some women it is a very painful task to make this transistion. In special in the case of women who load very obtain a strong dependence with its mother or its husband, these easily like it its baby while inside them and love the idealized image of this embryo, but they do not support the reality of the just-been born one. This occurs over all in the women who tend to believe that its baby will be ' ' diferente' ' calm, crying little, sleeping night since the beginning etc., -, denying anticipatedly the reality of one drinks in the first weeks of life, ahead of which frequently they are felt scared and confused with the responsibility of the maternal cares.

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