Naturopath Effective

This extremely effective therapy method to estimate know… Read more from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. healer and masseur Christian Holzer gentle healing technique to great effect, who once has felt them on one’s own body. Go again “aufgetankt” for the challenges of the everyday as voted positively on clouds. And last but not least also a variety of physical ailments can relieve or even cure it. Would you learn the foot reflex zone massage as a Naturopath or wellness therapist? In a quiet and relaxed atmosphere? With plenty of time for personal problems and corrections? In a relatively short time and yet effective? Then you have Christian Holzer, who sensitively and competently through the training at the correct address.

What is reflexology? At the bottom, all areas of the body have their associated bodies, the reflex zones, which reflect its current state in the small. Is disturbed, him the function of an organ so this presents itself through a change associated Foot reflex zone. How does the therapist? These changes are palpable at the experienced therapist or the patient is there a pain or a special sensation. Involving other prominent and with them relating to the function of zones, the therapist with specific handles, which in humans works disturbed and weakened vitality”to organize and harmonize. Practical experience shows that the complaints in the geschwach-th or diseased organs to the extent after, how to normalize the y elderly reflexology.

What complaints are treating with this method in the foreground? Musculoskeletal respiratory or heart complaints indigestion cycle disturbances and premenstrual syndrome in women kidney – and bladder diseases it is however possible to influence therapeutically on a variety of other ailments and diseases headache and migraine. Furthermore, it represents an effective method to health care. For this reason – and last but not least, because they very pleasant – perceived by the reflexology treatment finds most gladly in the wellness area of application.

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