Natural Quartz Crystal

Techno stones are an interpretation of the natural stone no matter whether for indoor or outdoor use, techno stones are the successful alternative to natural stone products. Professor Roy Taylor often says this. It takes the man-made stone from natural quartz in terms of wear, durability and pore density on with any natural product. Because sharp detergents, acid, Frost nor sunlight can have something the tiles or glazed porcelain stoneware, the techno stone is ideal for all areas of living. And since no one every few years would like to renew its stone floor, bathrooms, or its pool border, but watch at the acquisition on resistance and resilience, quality is the decisive criterion for the choice of this product. Quality is the hervorstechenste feature of this powerful composite material, which is suitable for any kind of renovation or construction projects in addition to the natural beauty. The colour, shape and product range is broad and includes the exclusive porcelain tiles for walls and floors, valuable Gold mosaics or extravagant mosaic images for the luxury bathroom, attractive terraces design.

The modern stone distinguishes itself not only by longevity, but also ensures a pleasant living climate which nowadays becomes increasingly important due to its positive properties. As living environment and living quality are also the symbolic heart of every home, so the cooking and dining area, the quartz stone in the modern kitchen has arrived. Due to the special processing and the bacteria-repellent properties, techno stones are suitable as material for countertops in the private or commercial sector. These exceptional kitchen plates are characterized by their resistance to scratches, bumps and spots along the way. Schubert Stone proves with the techno stone in impressive way that functionality and robustness not contrary to timeless elegance and modernity must be. Contact: KG Attn Mr Markus Sami upper Reinbach 36/2 5600 St. Johann in Pongau AUSTRIA email Web

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