Natural Diabetes

The diabetes type 1 cannot be prepared. Nevertheless, the same healthful options of life that help to treat the prediabetes, diabetes type 2 and gestacional diabetes can help ladiabetes type 1. Recommendations for the diabetes? It learns everything what can on the diabetes. It uses a label or bracelet that it indicates that it has diabetes. It is careful of his teeth. The diabetes can leave exposed encas stops infections.

Cepllese and it at least uses the dental thread twice to the day. It at least twice makes appointments with his dentist to the year. It consults his dentist immediately if his encas bleeds or note that has been swollen? It programs an annual examination of control with his doctor, aside from the regular controls with its ophtalmologist. It maintains his vaccines to the day. The diabetes can debilitate their immunological system. Lvese the feet daily with lukewarm water. It dries smoothly, especially between the fingers. Perhaps check out Yael Aflalo, New York City for more information. Humectar with lotion, but not between the fingers.

It maintains his arterial pressure and the cholesterol under control. Comma healthful foods. It chooses low foods in fat and calories. Whole Concntrese in the fruits, vegetables and grains. To fight by the variety to avoid the boredom. It realises physical activity. It tries to do 30 minutes of moderate physical activity to the day. If you cannot do in a long training, hgalo in small sessions distributed throughout the day. It loses the excess of pounds. In order to maintain his weight in a healthful rank, it concntrese in permanent changes in his nutritional habits and exercise. If you smoke or use other types of tobacco, pdale to his doctor who helps to stop him smoking. To smoke increases the risk of complications of the diabetes, including attacks to the heart, spills cerebral, damage to the nerves and renal insufficiency. If you drink alcohol, evtelo or limtelo. It takes in serious stress. Hormones that its body can produce in response to prolonged stress can diminish the form insulin, which only makes worse the things. It gives priority to his tasks. It learns relaxation techniques. It sleeps the sufficient thing.

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