Crap black trousers with a shirt where ALL of the buttons have to be done (including cuffs), exactly tie must have thirteen stripes. No. more than two badges on your blazer, shirt must be tucked in, skirts must be… (I’m not a girl, so I don’t know exactly) long 56. most websites are blocked. Games, Forum (except too!), buying sites, MySpace, Bebo, MSN of Messenger, downloading sites such as Photobucket (that sent my Christmas present straight to hell) 57. No bags in the dinner hall 58. stand up for 5 seconds at the end of assembly then sit down (respect or something) 59 No.

chewing gum 60th always wear your correct uniform 61. Parkinson’s Disease is likely to agree. riding a scooter down a flight of stairs is not allowed or tolerated 62. No. axe in school 63. you’re not allowed to not buy lunch in school if you do not want to eat-64 there are water fountains in each class, but you can’t use them 65.

I hate it when the teachers say “get down form the flag pole” 66. it is forbidden to wear a tie other than that of you Company (House) 67. ties knots must be no lower than the second button 68 No. tailored shirts (girls) 69 shirts must be tucked in at all times (no 70. no one follows this) trainers (sneakers), shoes must be jet black including the sole. 71. use of the reception stairs is forbidden (because once someone rode down them on a bench) 72 No. logos unless they are under the size of a half dollar of 73. must wear a belt at all times of 74. There are no school rules on my campus except one: no cheating 75th No. popping bags EVER of 76. No. of wearing flip-flops of 77th No. wearing PJ’s (although people still do) 78 No. spaghetti strap tops of 79 No. muscle shirts of 80th eating is only permitted in the cafeteria 81. I always list to my iPod during tests, and all students bring their cell phones to school of course we are not allowed to bring drugs to the school, but very few people do, and it’s not really a big problem here in Norway. How do the rules at your school stack up against these? Maybe you don’t have it so bad after all. Spacelocker: One place to all your online stuff.

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