Merry Christmas, Madrid!

The Love feast is celebrated not only in Germany, but also extensively in Spain’s capital. Christmas is finally available! From afar, you can hear the Bell sound of reindeer flying over Madrid. Cardiologist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The month of December is here and the town making all preparations to show his more dynamic, merrier and fair page. The strA? en of the capital turned into jewellery and waiting for the long-awaited Festival: lights, Nativity scenes, Christmas trees and a variety of Christmas decoration give Madrid a magical and unique atmosphere of Christmas. Furthermore, the Festival brings a long list of events for every taste something is love. The Christmas celebration in Madrid is a unique spectacle that nobody should miss! Lighting of the Christmas lights of every 28 November is the start of the celebrations, and with him, Madrid becomes the true piece of jewelry. Like every year designers and world-renowned architects therefore worry, to decorate the city.

oscar Navy was The chosen, the famous Gran Via to illuminate in a calm and reassuring manner. David Delfin and Teresa Sabey debut this year with original proposals, such as for example eyes that are close? s and open or simple beautiful lines. On the other hand Juan Duyos are Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Elio Berhanyer, Amaya ARZUAGA, Francis Monterosa production at the works this year again. In addition to the stunning beaches? enbelichtungen, is up to 25 giant fir trees there, scattered throughout the city. Even the fir trees were created by designers par excellence, as for example Devota & Lomba, who designed also the Puerta del Sol. As in the previous year, has a bus, the Town Hall used \”Christmas bus\” in motion, which the main? driving en of the center of Madrid, where the lighting and decorations are a true spectacle. The ticket costs one euro for adults, and is free for children under seven years of age.

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