Married Life

One of the conditions and attitudes that cloud over married life is the attitude of hope. Walter Riso, a student of the author's life partner, believes that hope is important to remove it from the relationships, not only in dating but in any field of human connections. In my opinion, hope, is directly related to the expectations, desires and beliefs, but not with the reality that each couple lives in privacy. And by privacy I mean not only sexual intimacy, but all the aspects that have to do with living with a partner. Larry Fine understands that this is vital information. Wait, is having faith, feeling like something to happen in our life together.

And that is fine when it comes to my person and my commitments to myself. But when I focus my hope that my partner does or does not do something, then began to have difficulties and of course, that this waiting keeps us anxious, hopeless, sad, full of anger, moments of guilt and paralyzed, among others many feelings. But when we have the hope that my partner change to have a relationship in harmony, surely we are going very badly. When a couple is engaged in casituaciones of infidelity, for whatever reason, what makes you think that your unfaithful partner will change, if for years has held parallel relations. So, yes I still do today, you better give up hope that change, because it will not. Although he has promised you a thousand times. If your partner is always late everywhere and disregards even warn you, or prefer to stay with friends until late and is not interested in commitments with you.

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