Intimate Life And The Harmony Of Temperaments

Women lie in bed as back to the altar to sacrifice their precious man. No need to sacrifice. The bed is a playground, and a woman and a male member of one team (Ruth Dixon). Golden words, but why in the life, everything happens so often in a different way? It is hard to find a pair, which would be a perfect harmony of temperaments. The most common option – loses her husband and tired of his wife claims. Many things determine the age features. Typically, sexual attraction teenager wakes up in 12-14 years, then increases rapidly and reaches a peak in 17-19 years – the period of youthful.

From 20 to 30-35 years – a high, stable sexual desire, and then begins a decline. He will long be a man, but with each of his five-year plan features will be less and less The age curve of female sexuality male repeats up “to the contrary.” * It is true that women “spread” on average much larger, and some even developed beyond all laws. Only in very general terms one can say that: The girls libido wakes up even earlier than boys, but grows very slowly and manifests itself rather in the form of interest, curiosity, rather than actual traction. In the 18-20 years in the girl just waking up a woman, 23-25 – drive slowly pulled to the male level (this often helps childbirth) and 27-30 – during the female flowering. A woman woke up woman, and if it’s all right to health, the attraction is not reduced.

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