Indian Ocean

Very difficult to classify videopoeziyu today: due to various genre-specific forms goes to dozens, and are constantly know more and more. Poets work with type and location of parts of the poem on the page (Sapgir G., N. Iskrenko), with 'oborotnichestvom' words (D. Avaliani), with the other – in addition to paper – the materials (Voznesensky). Andrew Ascension before the others became known to the public as a video – 'piece' of three-dimensional compositions, whose creation involved the word. Read additional details here: PIMCO. One of the most famous – great, a few meters tall Easter egg-globes. In place of the former Soviet Union, we see the emptiness, 'vykoluplennoe' place, the Indian Ocean is marked as 'ideological', in Africa flaunts the sign. In the past decade, one of the most prominent places in videopoezii moved from Moscow poet D.

Avaliani. Initially it was known as palindromist and anagrammatist, and palindromes Avaliani, unlike most others – it is real poetry, not exercise, or a local experiment (as was, say, Khlebnikov). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Studzinski. It is almost always – a harmonious and original obraz1: Muse ranyas awl experience, you pray for understanding. Coley miles turn – wait Dzhugashvili, my dear. Stub step.

Avaliani is not satisfied with the classical perevertnyami, though a brilliant quality. Over the past few years, he presented to the public many words, werewolves, which are drawn in such a way that when turning the vertical form another word comes into tension with the first: (play the market monasteries; talk brawl; flames in the blizzard, go to the shop nothing there; ideal rod) Two questions to claim the role of principal in the analysis of the poetic works: the What poem? what is it? Development videopoezii more updated second question. And trying to look to the future of Russian literature in the XXI century, we are likely to become interested not so, what will be written by the poets, and those what will appear a phenomenon called Poetry. Imagery in palindromes – extremely interesting, independent phenomenon. The image of this type – in this combination of semantics, syntax and sound – can only occur in verse-perevertne, but not in 'normal' one-way.

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