Healthy Strength

Fit as a fiddle in natural way. Health-promoting effect of the nucleus of the jaw early the pine was used as a remedy. Bark, resin and needles took baths and ointments making their application, the jaw helps external application fatigue, insomnia, for wounds and skin diseases, rheumatism and circulatory disorders. Wang HygieneHolz is a high quality pine heartwood which reinforces the natural defences of the pine wood. Professor Roy Taylor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Along with previous usage areas such as bath mats, mattress pads and a skincare range, now also furniture kerngesundem wood are made of this.

Random was it not the natural forces of the pine wood become aware of the Swiss stone pine Carpenter Konrad Kreitmair left. The young entrepreneurs already custom-made furniture from pine wood specializing years ago in manufacturing, knew his work from the health-promoting effect of Zirbel(Kiefer) and its antibacterial properties. Looking for more health-promoting Fields of application he was HygieneHolz on Wang carefully. The sawmill owner Heinrich Wilms from Lower Saxony provided any sawdust to surrounding farmers who used this as a bedding and found this: under same conditions, diseases and inflammation of the animals went back. After intensive research and many self-financed studies and investigations he succeeded, to prove that pine heartwood extremely seed – and bacteria-killing effect.

As a result, the company Wang has developed a patented process which through a special wash and increases the drying process of the germicidal effect of pine core wood. This was confirmed by the biological Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig. “So it was only a small step as in the this years of the Carpenter from Bavaria and the entrepreneur Wang at HygieneHolz Headquarters” in bad Essen met and talked about furniture from Wang HygieneHolz. The result has it in the truest sense of the word is”true in the core” the pine core. And so he manufactures Bavarian Carpenter now from HygieneHolz fine furniture in craftsmanship, high-quality execution.

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