Gradskaya Hospital

To date, very broad applications in engineering polymer electrets have found, is a thin electrified polymer film thickness of 3-50 microns. For example, most of the microphones in modern audio equipment and telephone handsets made on the basis of polymer electrets. Occupy a special place electret effect in biological structures is due to the important role in many fundamental biophysical phenomena. An interesting application of electrets due to the production of materials with properties antitrombogennymi surface. Known work on the application of electrets to accelerate the fusion of soft tissue to bone, stimulate the regeneration of soft tissue and fresh fractures and some other works show the possibility effective use of electrets in medicine. Despite this, the electrets were found in medicine is very limited, probably due to some difficulties in obtaining electrets with the desired characteristics and long-term stability. Perhaps check out Heart Specialist for more information. At present, developed methods for obtaining thin (10-50 microns) electret films suitable for use as an applicator, and preserve their options for long time.

Experimental production of these films started research and production company 'Elmet' (St. Petersburg). Electret applicator 'Polimedel', produced by this firm was certified VNIII-BMI Ministry of Public Health and Clinical testing at the Department of Internal Medicine second medical faculty of the Moscow Medical Academy. IM Sechenov at the Russian Research Center of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, in the 1st Gradskaya Hospital (Moscow) and in Moscow Dental Institute. Semashko.

In applying the applicator showed clinical analgesic effect, ie, a significant decrease in pain intensity right up until her disappearance, and approximately 50% of cases it persisted even after removal of the applicator. In the first column shows the percentage of cases in which there was clinical analgesic effect at the application of the applicator, and the second – the percentage of cases in analgesic effect which persisted after its removal. Clinical trials: Diseases of joints (knee, ankle, hip) 83% 43% spinal osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome 64% 48% disease of the muscles, soft tissues (myositis) 86% 66% angio-and polyneuropathies (diabetic type) 60% 34% Nekoroschyugennye cardialgiae 73% 26% The pathology of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic colitis, cholecystitis) 67% 22% Note the absence of adverse reactions when using the applicator.

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