Scrates wanted to demonstrate with its method that nobody knows that they do not know anything. That he is very different. Scrates did not please to his pupilo, but Scotland goaded and it like the tbano one on the cow Io.(4). 2. – THE COACH IS NOT A PSYCHOLOGIST. It is certain that it stops to exert coaching is not necessary to be psychologist.

But there is one who affirms that when is spoken of coaching, she is spoken essentially of psicologa.(5). Nevertheless, the psychologist is associate to the analysis and treatment of pathologies, whereas coaching analyzes and tries with dysfunctions? In fact, duality is originated by the psychological principle of the psychoanalysis, since by this freudiana practice, which looks for are " defaults" in the childhood hidden in the unconscious one. Coaching, on the contrary, distance of those depths. Coaching does not deal with patients. Coach replaces the vertical relation by a horizontal relation, between trained and trainer. Authors like Grant define, it as that one process that facilitates " learning autodirigido". Others like Lily Fertile valley, describe to coaching like " alter ego that helps to remove best from itself to the people sanas". Even there is who settles down the relation between coaching and fast food on the one hand, and psychology with the spanish stew.

Also it is necessary to say, that specialties of psychology as social or the psychology of the organizations provides useful methodology to apply techniques of coaching to any activity that requires certain degree of productivity (6). 3. – THE COACH IS NOT A TEACHER. If we followed by this way of a Coaching that it advocates: coach is a maieutic Scrates but in addition it is not a psychologist psychoanalyst. We can arrive easily until the consideration that coach is not either a teacher to old usanza. Then the main motto of this conception of coaching is: " to teach without adoctrinar" , where the other is Experto.(7) This coach does not have answers because the answers lie inside the trained one, that assumes or estimates will have all the mental and sapienciales resources to obetener what desee.(8).

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