European Treaty

It proposes that the State has some type of prior control over urban development plans of municipalities and autonomous regions to prevent corruption. Without hesitation Professor Roy Taylor explained all about the problem. It suggests a reasonable taxation and elimination of administrative barriers for entrepreneurs. The Spanish educational system, the best in the world to train officials, must now try to become entrepreneurs. It advocates encourage the partial, more flexible contract as demanding entrepreneurs and more security as demanding workers. Also in this chapter is supporter of the Pact so the modification of wages and corporate profits follow parallel tracks. Bets on specific programs forming young people who dropped out of school in advance while they work. For those who have training but found no work, you want to make an effort to give them their first opportunity. When you walk into the labour market is much easier to stay in him.

Stresses the need to tear down the boundaries between the University and the company, launching a scientific Schengen, in rrencia to the European Treaty on free movement of persons, to go from being the ninth country in the world in scientific publications to the ninth country in patents. Undertakes to not change any Education Act into force and reiterates its proposal to launch a MIR for teachers. It advocates care differentiated students with more difficulties. It ensures that you won’t do anything or sign anything that could weaken the public health system and rejects the co-payment. He reiterated his intention that a substantive part of the 8,000 million extras that year that comes to the regional funding will be allocated are directed to health care. It is committed to continue supporting the family against the attitude of the PP: some preach and others do. It stresses the need to continue to reduce the deficit and comply with the Pact of the euro, because an economy is healthy when you have no imbalances. It suggests promoting employment in sectors such as renewable energy, climate change and ageing. Source of the news: the main proposals and commitments of Rubalcaba as a candidate for elections

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