" When it give a hug triggers one revolucin" it says Jose, social volunteer in a Spanish jail. We let ourselves touch with the hands and with the words, it is then when the shared feeling is intuited, the compassion. Good principle to initiate a voluntary but insufficient action if we spoke of serious and responsible voluntary military service. For this it is precise to cross the bridge of the commitment. The phenomenon of the social voluntary military service, as one of the best forms to exert solidarity from the civil society is boarded from different perspective, the one of the sociologist, the philosopher, the psychologist and until there are experts observe who it like " deposit of empleo". The Eastern mystics and some scientists of the quantum physics affirm that the human beings we are a magnet species, and between us we created fields of relations within a unique energy that contains all it.

The voluntary military service has one of its foundations in the relation I-you that have described the humanists. In I call you to her by your name. You always have face and we can catch it to one suitable distance. If we are too much we invaded close it, too much far, we do not see it. She is one distances precise in which the joint growth occurs, to not instrumental communication it but the existential one.

Nobody is absolutely I nor you without the other. And if there is no that gift of one same one, there would be subordination. " If you for me do not get to be, you are " l" , one anyone. Then use an indefinite pronoun and the relation approaches the anonymous thing. In that impersonal nebula the loss of the face takes place. Little further on it would be the functional relation, that cosifica and becomes cruel, when not only it exploits to the people but it gets to destroy.

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