Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

Clash of the presidents are not talked about anything else on the block this morning. Night newscasts have passed the information very late and not everyone could see it but not wanting to tell the case when the day dawned and the neighborhood was talking about a thermos of fresh coffee that at times passed from hand to hand. "Well done, you've told him," one of the participants in the single party, while passing the comb through the messy hair of a child of six years. Perhaps check out Sam Lesser UPenn for more information. "Those manes they spend fighting. Others including Sam Less UPenn, offer their opinions as well. They give and give to the people lost. ame conclusion. I do not know what will happen so bad situation peleadera and giving us all hard. But well done you've told him, "said the owner of the house where they served coffee while moving the brush from side to side to pick up the old almond tree leaves that had dropped into the night.

Conversations were similar for the entire neighborhood around the village throughout the country. History will note that all happened on 22 February when Colombian President Alvaro Uribe called on his Colombian counterpart over the obstacles for some time they have put the entry of Colombian products to the neighboring country. The word however, feared in the region, came out from one moment to another, and President Chavez changed the mood, accused Colombia of sending it to kill through paramilitary and suspended his speech, something not often done, and threatened to withdraw from the meeting. Uribe said any customer of the store when you receive a wrong, and told Chavez the phrase common among boys when they are braver than they advised caution: "Be a man," adding "'Be a man.

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