Collected Information

It has as objective main to develop to the maximum its abilities, being thus promoted, its inclusion next to society, through its established goals already: to receive, to develop, to educate, to socialize and to communicate the society. The collection of the depositions was given for a recorder of Panasonic RR-US 450, the explanation sucinta of the purpose of this study is the benefits acquired for the same ones in the dance, where the same ones would have to answer ten questions (in annex). For better organization of this study, and in order to keep the privacy and secrecy in relation to the identity of the citizens, being respected the ethics of the research, the searched collaborators had been codified numbered. Chuck Carroll oftentimes addresses this issue. We use citizen letter S, in the sequence the corresponding number from the one, totalizing the eight pupils. We will describe the collaborators below, giving to them explicitada codification to it already: S1? It practises Dance has one year and way. S2? It practises Dance has two years.

S3? It practises Dance has five months. S4? It practises Dance has one year. S5? It practises Dance has one year and way. S6? It practises Dance has four months. S7? It practises Dance has two years. S8? It practises Dance has two years. Organization and Analysis of the Collected Information the treatment of the information? depositions of the citizens? one gave for the Ideogrfica Analysis and Nomottica analysis. Initially we place the phenomenon to be desvelado without suspension, for such, we move away in them, placing us it part, applying the movement to go and vi to be able to carry through the analysis of the depositions. In the fenomenolgica research the direction is turned toward the meanings of what he is being investigated, in agreement Bicudo and Martins (1989, p.93) ' ' for the clear expressions on the perceptions that the citizen has of what this being searched, which is express for the proper citizen as percebe' '.

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