Clock Tower

Rent a room in a hotel room or you can right in the city. Although 1 day for exploring the whole city is quite enough. The narrow stone streets of the charming, ancient buildings delight. Is located in the center of the Catholic Diocese of Kotor, but none meenee, Christians in the city, and in Montenegro, more. In the 'old town' is as Catholic and Orthodox churches.

In the little Church of St. Luke are the relics of St. Luke's and 5 of the martyrs. There you can place candles, but I feel that this is more a museum room, rather than the temple. In the Orthodox Cathedral St.

Nicola, unfortunately, I could not attend. He works year-round, there are services, but also he has a working time. Clock Tower 1602 issue perfectly preserved. In his time with her, in the pillory convicted read out the sentences, but today you can stop and compare notes. Also, where there is the ancient palaces of noble birth, but I have not felt that much more interesting to climb to the top of the hill, where at an altitude of 260 meters above sea level is a fortress' St. John '. On the way to the fortress of all time, met a cat on every street and stairs. Nevertheless, above the entrance to the castle, which costs 1 euro, they do not rise. Visitors crumbling staircases leading to the fortress under the scorching sun, much less than the guests in the city. Young children with a better not to take.

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