Claudia Hussmann

You should make up only much earlier. So when ever your puppy caught your skin or clothing, squeals you and retreat the puppies immediately any attention. Wait at least 10 seconds. Escape attention means that you don’t look at your puppy touches and also you don’t speak with him. Pretend he wasn’t there. Ignore him completely. Then there was a new attempt.

Not interested in the puppy, he bites still some puppies can not be impressed by the Squeakers and if one turns away, don’t look at them, touches and attracts – so completely ignored – not interested it also. Connect with other leaders such as Frontline Healthcare here. Then they bite in feet, legs, or tip of the jacket. Doesn’t matter, something is most definitely Yes. According to MJFF, who has experience with these questions. If you have such a copy of puppy, leave after the Squeak just quickly the room and close the door behind you. Wait at least 10 seconds and then definitely a moment where your puppy neither barks, Whines, scratching at the door.

Then you open up, go in and the puppy Gets a new chance. It may be that you have to repeat the procedure at a stubborn puppies quite 50 times. But stay consistent, at some point your puppy, remember that the fun is every time over when he bites. It works quite well, but grabs on treats the puppy in the hand, it can be you moving away the hand, if your puppy get? This usually causes that the puppy is still violent snaps. Even if it hurts – the hand just let there, but open it never, as long as the puppy bite or scratch. First, if he stops and a piece takes away the head, the hand rises and you allow it, for example with “Take” to take the treat. The puppy not takes seriously kids, because it works not Supreme rule: children and puppies never unattended. Both are unpredictable. If the puppy gasps for children – even if it is just playful, have an adult to intervene. Here a warning is, E.g. a dark evil spoken of ‘stop’ and if the puppy does not immediately stop, it is used just before the door. Pause for 10 seconds, then there a new trial, unless the puppy not just whines or scratches at the door. It may be that you are that some times have to repeat, but eventually your puppy will stop after “Final”, because he knows that is otherwise quite an end to the fun. He stops, he may remain of course. 😉 More about bite inhibition and the training you can learn here. Claudia Hussmann

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