Bearing in modern machinery occupies a central role in any mechanical devices. With this technical device, there is a rotation or movement of mechanical parts with low minimum resistance. Also, the bearing serves to reduce wear of parts and helps to reduce friction. The easiest bearing on the design consists of a separator, from the rolling body, and two rings internal and external. Bearings are distinguished in a lot of it depends on the device for which he is chosen, and the degree of pressure on him. Assumed that the cylindrical bearings can withstand the most severe load. These bearings are used in heavy industry, machine building, aviation transport on the railway, etc.

For endurance and long-serving, well-proven spherical bearings. They almost never subject to wear and almost cut his life. Bearings in their qualifications are basically divided into two types: a) bearings, b) bearings. In rolling bearings, friction is reduced due to rollers and balls. And in the bearings, reduce friction lubricated smooth surface. In turn, the ball bearings there are two types – a thrust and radial. The difference in these bearings is diverse, it depends on their purpose and design. The main types of bearings: needle roller, spherical roller, tapered roller, cylindrical roller, and several types of ball.

Bearings slip are of two types: one type for mobile connections, the second type is designed for fixed connections. Plain bearings in movable joints operate under relative movement of the two rings, usually only apply them where a small slip velocity. In movable joints and there are two groups: the radial, thrust. Resistant group, used for axial loads. Radial Force, applied for loads perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. And yet, choosing a bearing, you need to know the main thing, for what load it will be used. There are two basic types of load, axial and radial. Knowing some of the subtleties of selecting the required bearing, you will save not only money but also precious time. – Bearings domestic and foreign production.

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