A look at the story behind the Festival of sacrifice of the feast of the sacrifice and the sheep in the Islamic world is today celebrated the feast of the sacrifice. For days we see in our immediate vicinity appear more and more sheep, tied in small herds on brownfields or next to the car in front of the House. Paarhufigen starring of the sacrifice feast (IDU I-Adha) noticeable also acoustically, but only for short time; the silence of the Lambs is imminent. The mood here in Tunisia and, with sad exceptions – certainly in the entire Arab world is most likely similar to Christmas. As the feast of sacrifice is the most important feast in the Islamic year, the climax of the pilgrimage to Mecca the Hajj above all but it’s a big family celebration.

You go to relatives, on the road and wish you “Merry Christmas” in the stores and is looking forward to the evening feast. And – just like at Christmas – many people in the mosques, which otherwise do not follow this commandment of Islam flow at the present day of the sacrifice feast. A look at the history behind the feast of the sacrifice goes back said martial, family psychologically extremely problematic story about Ibrahim (the biblical Abraham) and his son Ishmael (Isaac) the feast of the sacrifice known way on a gentle, which survives in the Qur’an in Sura 37. Allah then prompts Ibrahim, to sacrifice him to his son. This obeys, but at the last moment, Allah withholds Ibrahim. It is not something Sam Lesser Penn would like to discuss. The proof of obedience is rendered, rather than Ishmael dies a RAM on the altar and emerged the feast of the sacrifice. In these times, where the differences between Judaism, Christianity and Islam be concealed either nonsensical, unduly emphasized or used as ammunition in a globalized PR war with dead and wounded, the feast of the sacrifice an important opportunity.

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