Christian West

However, let me remind you that Jesus brought the ethics and morality higher than you can find on Earth. Or adding the teachings of the most illustrious philosophers and thinkers, we could obtain a best compendium of teachings of love, respect and justice, moreover not only preached but lived by those who brought them. In the referred Article talked about all Freethinker will end up being an atheist, or that if you are a believer you is because you’re not a freethinker, but this is not true. My experience has been that to be a true native Christian today as they were the earliest followers of Jesus, I’ve had to be a freethinker, soon as you discern much and learn to differentiate between what is Christian and what is Catholic disguised as a Christian. A few examples: If Jesus said: not for yourselves call Rabbi is there why priests?. If Jesus said: you do not call Holy Father, why is there a holy father on Earth, named Pope?. If Jesus said No construyais stone temples because ye are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, Why are there so many temples, cathedrals, churches, parishes, Bishoprics, abbeys and monasteries? One joke after another of the words of Jesus de Nazareth, without going further, from 2000 years ago keep him hanging on the cross.

Of course there is Catholic fundamentalism in the Christian West, less evil than the Constitution us cover despite the manipulation that the churches want to continue taking over our lives. Do is if not fundamentalism wanting hanging crucifixes in schools?, does is if fundamentalism does not impose religion classes to children?, do is but fundamentalism baptism of the newborns? That’s not Christian, thats full of dogmas, rituals, liturgies and sacraments ecclesial fundamentalism. Not many know that quantum physics has found God. The great physicists of the 20th century found in inner most of the atom, in its most indivisible and indestructible, part life. No matter if God, power, be called higher or flowing life.

They discovered that this energy acts in each molecule, in every atom in each plant, each animal and of course in every human being. God does not live in a stone Temple, lives in us and this is not Pantheism as the Inquisition would have qualified it, is science and is real. Therefore it is not God who should resign, it is not God who should Apostatize, but Church. Astute was St. Jerome who managed to sneak through the first selection of sacred texts, visions of Juan de Patmos. In his book of revelation discusses the Babylonian harlot, and exhorts us with the phrase: salt of her my people so not you spilling their sins or catching you their pests.

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