Changes In The Labour Law

Relief for privately insured ALG II recipients until a few years ago were resumed privately insured unemployment in the statutory health insurance in case of unemployment contributions for private health insurance are often higher and hardly portable for unemployment? With health-care reform and the introduction of the basic fare but this was changed: private insured ALG II recipients must take over the insurance itself. The Bundessozialgericht has verdict recently but a pleasing for those affected. The private insurance Portal informs about the resulting relief. An advantage of statutory health insurance from private insurance companies is that the contributions are based on the income. The costs of the employment agency are applied in a loss of employment and the missing income related. Who privately sick would make sure pays the premiums according to his Income.

Here, other sizes such as age, sex and risk factors decide the actual amount of contributions. The resulting financial problems of privately insured ALG II recipients have been defused by a judgment of Bundessozialgerichtes recently. Now the reduced contributions for unemployed privately in the basic tariff be completely transferred from the employment agency, which has a significant relief for the affected result if the ruling will be implemented quickly. The grants to be paid retroactively from January 18, 2011. The costs then incurred for the federal budget, totaled an estimated 50 million euros. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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