Bolivar Humility

We deny a good days refuse a smile, a gesture of compassion at a traffic light, do not open the door to someone at the mall, we slipped up in the row of the cinema or eat the light and if they touch us Horn sent them pal how much more it must happen to give us has our steps us direct to secure disaster as a civilization. War, famine, corruption, hatred and Sin are how many more they have to surrender without attempting a day more? Many more they have kill their wives? Many more they have of climbing atop a crane in an act of simple desperation? When will there be justice for the worker, for the master, for the nurse, for which works for a multinational company that does not want him to forty hours? Ensorbecidos all, selfish ourselves to fill our cupboards and refrigerators without sending aid to the more poor the poor, the sick, the elderly who cannot afford their medications, abused children, pregnant girls, abortions anyway, that is it disappears we time our hands and we do not take the matter seriously. Brother intend, I propose to make a difference now. I urge to make our one country as God has always wanted. Today is the day, now is the time to let any old root of bitterness behind. Puerto Rico can rise and be free of Vice and fratricidal routine to which we are accustomed to politicians. Don’t wait for them to do our part and teach our humility is more effective and eloquent. Humility is a virtue, not a weakness said Hostos.

Let’s be and imitate the example of those who deserve our admiration. Betances, Marti, Bolivar, Ghandy, Albizu, of Diego, Mother Teresa, Sor Isolina mention some names. All distinguished by sublime humility, simplicity and freedom of the soul.

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