Both disciplines are split over time. Entermed describes an additional similar source. Associated with football and rugby have in common the use of large courts dominated by arches where two teams are confronted after a ball and arbitration of a referee and two line judges. However, while football worth the use of hands and the tripping, rugby encourages regulated use of it. While in the soccer only the Archer uses hands, there is no goalkeeper in rugby and all their players can use their hands to launch the ball or running with it. If in football the goal gets with a kick inside the arc, Rugby ele s made with a patadon that must pass above the arc, which has large posts above this. While the fact that the ball comes out of the line where the arc in rugby is the maximum score is sanctioned in the soccer occurs when an attacking player crosses over the finish line and diving after this with the oval ball. This action produces 5 points and the right to then shoot an easy archery which usually grants an extra two points.

When a player kicks the ball above the arch (either in the middle of the game or gaining a criminal) charged three points. By its very nature, football is a sport suitable for people of all sorts of physical. However, the rugby requires much body rudeness. No other sport that is played at international level arouses both resembled a pitched war like this. All players must have large and battleships breasts and parties are full of shocks, pushed and blood. When a player has the ball the rival it must be aiming are you above to cancel it and peers also leave to defend it by throwing on his captors. Possibly no other game equipment required as much discipline, coordination and violence ruled as rugby. This has two variants: the union and the League.

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