Normally this fungus is found in our body without presenting any affectation. Candidiasis is show when you lose balance affecting is the acidity of the vagina, which makes the amount of fungi is increased by a rapid proliferation which credited the ground for infection. You present symptoms such as burning, itching in the vagina, redness on the lips, thick flow and white among others (may or may not present odour). There are many causes that favour the emergence of the fungus; intake of antibiotics, diabetes, hormonal changes caused by menstruation, menopause, pregnancy etc. Whenever Mount Sinai Hospital listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Hormonal changes and the increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy provide ideal conditions for this fungus plays in the vaginal area, which can cause vaginal candidiasis with their consistent symptoms. If it is not a management suitable to candidiasis during pregnancy, there is risk of catching the baby at the time of childbirth, causing lesions in the wet areas of the body (armpits, genital organ).

The infant may have a rash of eczematous type, edges well defined and usually associated with an oral infection (in the tongue or gums). Treatment for vaginal candidiasis in pregnancy should always be supervised by a specialist (use egg or creams). To the newly born can be cleaned (after each meal with a teaspoon of baking soda in 250 cc of water) natural remedies are very important for pregnant women, as during this period they may not consume drugs orally. A good alternative is the use of la mata of Aloe (aloe vera) through a serious treatment by specialists. Because aloe vera has effect mycotic which in addition to halt the advance of candidiasis allows recovery of tissues affected by the infection.

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